Getting On The Mat When You Don’t Want To

yogamatjpg-2b84169e12f7a4c7Today was a rough day.  Physically my body was in pain.  I never even made it out of my pajamas.  I read and I rested and made myself some yummy chai tea.   I took herbs and rubbed essential oils into my body.  I fed myself and I listened to podcasts as I played solitaire on my computer.

My yoga mat kept calling me but I kept answering with – I hurt too much.  I’m too tired.  I can’t.

The day wore on and the pressure to get on my mat kept building until I surrendered.  I practiced my favorite Kundalini Yoga kriya and it was rough  . . . but I gently guided myself through each pose.  I knew that I would feel better if I just kept up.  And I did.  The pain and the fatigue lessened and the heaviness I was experiencing all day dissolved.

My Inner Guidance System (IGS) never fails me if I choose to listen.  Sometimes my pain body is so loud that it makes it difficult to hear to the voice of the Soul.  When I do listen I am always grateful for the guidance it reveals.

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