Keeping It Simple


photo credit:  della mcgee

I’ve spent a lot of alone time these past few days, reading, writing and going for walks.  Wondering where I go from here as my beliefs about everything shifts from one day to the next.  What I’ve decided is that simplicity is where it’s at.  When I keep things simple I’m free.  That’s the hard part for me though.  I have a habit of complicating the simplest of things.  My mind can spin a tale like nobody’s business.  This has become a practice for me each day.  Keeping it simple.  When I can do that my life becomes more fluid.  When I don’t, I tend to crash.  Like, literally.  I become exhausted.  My mind can be a battle field of having to figure things out.  My whole body rebels and I have to nap.  I’ve started to use my body as a barometer.  When I’m fatigued I ask myself what I’m fighting, or in fear of, or trying to figure out.  For me, figuring things out is a sign of fear.  I’m not allowing Flow to guide me.  The need for control is a safety mechanism I have used in the past that no longer serves me.

It’s time to breathe and be . . . as simple as that.

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