Soul Portrait: Wild Nature


It is time to dance in the sun and howl at the moon.  Embrace your wild nature!  Let your self be tempted by the cycles and impulses of the Divine Feminine.  Let your hair down and shake it loose.  Lift your arms and dance!  You are free to be who you really are.  No longer confined by the constructs of Man.  Rejoice in your wildness and be.

A Soul Colors Portrait is a personal maṇḍala for your use as a tool for transformation  When we meditate on our Soul or High Self we become more aligned with our Divine Purpose  Each portrait is painted in acrylic and measures 8″ x 8″.  Della tunes into your soul and paints from that space.  She then receives a written message from Guidance about the meaning of the painting.  Each painting is unique and is used here with the clients permission.   Click here to find out how to get your own Soul Colors Portrait.

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