False Evidence Appearing Real

fear-false-evidence-appearing-realFor awhile now I’ve been experiencing strange physical symptoms that are keeping me very distracted. I’ve journalled about it and have even asked my IGS (Internal Guidance System) what the cause of my symptoms are?  IGS keeps telling me that the cause of my symptoms is fear.  I’d sit with that information and then would invariably end up going down a rabbit hole via Google searching symptoms and thus “cures”.  This is what I mean by keeping distracted.

While reading my friend Katelyn Mariah’s blog post yesterday I as able to hear the truth in what my IGS has been telling me for the past several weeks.  In her blog Katelyn was able to ask herself some deep questions that uncovered ways in which she was not practicing prosperity consciousness.  Katelyn’s post reached me in a way my IGS hadn’t.  Even though the topic of my friends blog post is prosperity consciousness it goes deeper than that.  Prosperity consciousness or its opposite, lack consciousness goes way beyond the pocket-book.

What my guidance, through the symptoms of my body, has been trying to tell me is just how much fear I still carry and thus lack consciousness.

This morning when I awoke I noticed all the anxiety (fear) I have been experiencing.  Now that I’m aware of where my lack consciousness is hiding out (for me its body symptoms) I can shift it.  How I accomplished that this morning was by being still.  I lay in bed for 2 1/2 hours before I felt the shift.  How I have kept myself distracted (hiding) from my fears so far is by keeping busy.  I usually get right out of bed and start my day.  I rarely have moments of stillness.  Today I was determined to be with my fears, not engaging those fears in mental warfare but through observation and non-attachment.  Here are some other ways to shift fear:

Tools To Shift Fear

  • Breathe – my first yoga teacher taught me that you can’t hold fear in the body and breathe deeply at the same time.  Try it.  You’ll like it.
  • Yoga – Fear gets trapped in the body and yoga opens the body up and release negative emotions.  A fellow yogi once expressed to me that all resistance in the body is fear.  Yup.
  • Being out in nature – Go for a walk, run, bike ride or sit by a body of water.  Nature has a way of calming the body and the mind and bringing to our awareness a peace that already exists underneath the fear.
  • Sing – Put on your favorite yoga music or straight up rock and roll.  Sing along with your favorite songs.  Using our voice in a proactive way is another tool to free oneself from fear.
  • Exercise – Any exercise helps release anxiety from the body.  Underneath the fear is peace.

All these tools I have in my tool box yet there are some days I get caught up in distraction or busyness.  As I write this I can feel the anxiety (fear) back in my body.  I’m not alarmed by this return of the fear.  I know it’s on its way out now.  This is a life long pattern that I don’t really expect to shift in one sitting.  Though, I do believe it can. . .

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2 thoughts on “False Evidence Appearing Real

  1. Amazingly helpful! I know this deep place of fear. I always distract myself with something mindless or try to ignore it or sleep. I am grateful for the help, Della! I will be using your suggestions and hopefully will bring myself up out of the dark hole. Hurt and fear seem to be my companions lately. You have given me some much needed tools! Thank you!

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