Gentle Spirit

painting by Della McGee

Gentle Spirit your soul calls your name.  Gentleness is your strength.  Sweetness, joy.  Love and Compassion are your hallmarks.  Peace is your breath.  Look deeply into your soul and call forth your deepest longings.  The truth is within you.  Look into your eyes and “see” your authentic being.  Remember this:  no one can tell you who you are.  You are the architect of your life.  Through love and compassion you will be guided.  Fear will block you if you give it power.  Remember, to find your way . . . breathe.


A Soul Colors Portrait is a personal maṇḍala for your use as a tool for transformation  When we meditate on our Soul or High Self we become more aligned with our Divine Purpose  Each portrait is painted in acrylic and measures 8″ x 8″.  Della tunes into your soul and paints from that space.  She then receives a written message from Guidance about the meaning of the painting.  Each painting is unique and is used here with the clients permission.   Click here to find out how to get your own Soul Colors Portrait.

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