A Conversation With Soul: A Diamond Being Forged

6a00d834a308ee69e201a3fcb44769970bI asked my IGS (Internal Guidance System) or Soul Self this morning why I was continuing to experience extreme physical symptoms.  It seems that just when I have one symptom cleared another pops up.  Here is the message I was given today.

Your physical symptoms are in direct response to your evolution in consciousness.  The more “emotional baggage” you release the lighter the body becomes.  You literally open the body to receive more light.  That can be a painful process as the body carries so much density. 

Imagine you are looking directly into the sun.  When you do so the light hurts your eyes.  You are taught to believe that light is all rainbows and fairy tales.  Light is strength.  Just like the diamond is the strongest element on Earth you are formed in the same way.  A diamond is created under extreme pressure and heat.  Do you see what we mean now?

Trust your body to know what it is doing.  As long as you continue to listen to your body and take care of its needs it will support you.  Let go of the idea that the body is betraying you.  It is evolving along with your consciousness.  Be patient as the physical journey to consciousness is more challenging than the rest.

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