Divine Nobility

art by Susson Seddon Boulet
art by Susan Seddon Boulet

This is a message from my Spirit Guide Grandfather given at my most recent Psychic Salon.

You are Divine Nobility.  It is time to stop thinking of yourself as small.  Embrace who you really are.  Embody the essence of nobility in how you carry yourself, in how you walk, in how you talk, in how you stand, in how you feel.  When you carry yourself in this way it shows others how you feel about you.  As you have heard from others before when you shine your light others have permission to shine their light too.

This is not a posture of arrogance or dominance.  This is a posture of self-worth.  There is so much self-loathing in your world.  Be a model of nobility and change the world with your carriage.  You can affect how others feel about themselves by how you demonstrate how you feel about you.

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