How To Quickly Tap Into Your Intuition

imagesI’ve heard it time and time again, from my guides, that is.

To quiet the mind lengthen the breath.  

Being a yogi and a psychic you would think I would get this by now.  But no, I need reminders too.  Before I begin my yoga practice or am in a healing session with a client, I begin to breathe.  The breath slows my mind down and connects me to Source.  It is from there I can listen for the messages from my soul.

Here is a brief primer on how to lengthen your breath so you can hear your intuition.

Before you begin this technique write out/or hold a question in your mind you are needing more clarity on.  Then let us begin . . .

Close your eyes and lengthen your spine. 

Become aware of  your sitting bones if on your bum or your feet if standing.  Bringing attention to these areas helps you become more grounded and present in your body. 

Begin by taking long, slow deep breaths in through the nose and out through the nose.  Do this for several breaths

Become aware of the beat of your heart. 

As you inhale count four beats of your heart.  As you exhale count 5 beats.  Continue this cycle for several breaths. 

Next, Inhale for 5 beats of your heart and exhale for 6 beats.  Continue this cycle for several breaths. You can add more heart beats as you are comfortable.  Do this for as long as you like.

Open your eyes. 

Notice how you feel more grounded and centered in your whole being after breathing this way.  Now you can ask your questions of your intuition.  You may have already received the answer on the breath.  If you have not received clarity to your question allow your intuition to speak to you over the next few hours or even days.  Trust that the answers will come . . .

Della McGee is a psychic and a certified yoga teacher.  Please visit her website at

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