Don’t Resist The Resistance

Life-is-a-series-of-natural-and-spontaneous-changes.-Lao-TzuThis is what a very wise friend told me a couple of weeks ago:  Don’t resist the resistance.  I was telling her about some resistance I was struggling with due to some challenging symptoms of menopause.  That is when she shared these words with me. I’ve used these words as a mantra since and I find it incredibly liberating.  I use to feel shame for my resistance.  As a spiritual being I’d like to think I can face change head on.  That is often not the case  Now I can see resistance as a harbinger of transformation.
I am at a place where I can welcome this change in my body now.  I first have to acknowledge my resistance and then I can open to those things to come.  Resistance isn’t a bad thing.  If we aren’t feeling resistance then we can miss the messages our mind and our body is trying to tell us. Resistance is information.  It tells us that something is wanting to change within our being.  The key for me is to acknowledge that it is there and not to fight it.  That gives me the awareness to move beyond resistance to the next step of the journey . . . change.
Della is a psychic healer, intuitive yoga teacher, soul artist and blogger.  You can find out more about her services at her website.

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