Like A Moth to Flame

life_advice_affairs2_0513Being an empath, I easily pick up the energy in my environment and then process it in my body.  I live down town Saint Paul so have a lot of environment to process.  I was recently reading a wonderful book by Echo Bodine called Hands That Heal.  In her book she gives a simple clearing technique that I am finding very effective.  Simply state:

Clear my body.
Clear my mind.
Clear my soul.
Thank you.

I’ve used this tool for a couple of weeks now, several times a day, and find it works great.

Della is a healer, psychic, writer, artist and recipe creator.  Find more about her services here.

4 thoughts on “Like A Moth to Flame

  1. Is this what I should say to clear my eyes??? I went to see Dr Blackie again and he “cooked” up another potion for me… thanks for that referral. XXXOOOO

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