This Too Shall Pass


I first heard this phrase over 25 years ago in an A.A. meeting.  Since then I have used it many times to remind myself that everything that I may be troubled by is only temporary.

I recently experienced a couple of very dark days.  So dark I had a hard time getting out of bed.  So dark I imagined leaving this world all together.  What kept me going was the knowing that this too shall pass.  I’ve had many opportunities over the years to know that this is true.  Each dark night I’ve traveled through has always lead to a sunrise.

I know enough now to sit back and observe my thoughts instead of taking action on them.  Thoughts are information and my thoughts this time around where showing me how my beliefs about myself were taking root and causing pain.  My external circumstances where reminding me that I was placing my value in my work, my finances, my relationships and my looks.  When these things appeared to fail at the same time I knew that opportunity disguised as pain was afoot.

This doesn’t mean that I wasn’t terrified, hurting, confused and angry.  What it does mean is that I was able to see my thoughts as a movie.  I was emotionally involved in the movie but I knew it was just a movie and that it would eventually come to its conclusion.  Why did I stay in the theater for the whole show?  Because I knew if I didn’t I could miss something important and I would have to come back and see it again.

What I came away with once the sun began to shine again is this:  I decide my value, not my job, my relationships, my looks or how much money I have or don’t.  I am valuable because I exist.  That’s it.  There is no other reason than that.  I am glad I exist.  I am glad you do to.

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5 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. Della– you are one of THE most valuable people I know! You are so multi-talented, loving, beautiful, spiritual & on top of that, fun to be around! And I believe you are an inspiration to many people. We have to get together some time soon!
    Love & Hugs, Dee


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