Practicing Mastery

Hot-new-hand-painted-on-canvas-font-b-Musical-b-font-Instruments-oil-paintings-Susanne-ClarkWhile meditating this morning I pondered what it takes to be a better human.  We are all born Masters yet we rarely recognize this about ourselves.  So often the not good enough program gets the most air play.  We strive to be better not because we know we are perfect but because we think we are somehow flawed.  Reacting out of the not good enough program keeps the very thing we are trying to achieve (perfection) out of our awareness.  As long as we think we are flawed we will never see that which we already are.  Perfect.

A master musician does not arrive in this life knowing they are a master.  The first time they picked up their instrument, in all likelihood, a cacophony of noise emerged.  Over many hours and years of practice, they became more adept, and eventually, the music flowed.  Once a musician becomes a master they do not stop practicing.  Being a master musician doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn and ways to grow their musical talent.  The same is with being human.

We are born perfect.  It can take a lifetime to remember our perfection.  We have to practice being masters, and then we need to practice staying masters.  If we can begin to look at our selves from this perspective and not that we need to fix something about ourselves we can change the collective program of not being good enough.  We can practice being better humans from a place of perfection.

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