Creativity vs. Spirituality: Is There a Difference?

I wrote this blog a few years ago and still feel the same today. The only change I would make is to add my definition of Source. To me, Source means Presence that dwells within every living thing. This Presence is reflected back to me in all that I see.

Yogagirl2's Blog

d65be175-d16a-49e7-ae4f-51dcd5d73d0f_zps255ae01eI was reflecting on the topic this morning of how painting is my church.  The act of creating something connects me to Source like nothing else can.  That got me thinking on how all acts of creativity can be spiritual but not always are.  When I cook and I am not present I am no longer connected to my Self and therefore my Source.

When I paint I am so excited to see how the paint is going to lay on the canvas and how the colors are going to meld together that I am mindful of every brush stroke.  I paint very intuitively.  I really have no idea what I am doing.  It is a total act of trust and allowing.  Being in that Divine Flow lifts me to a state of Ecstasy that I am unable to get to while practicing mundane chores like folding the laundry.  I…

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