The Monster

Do not be alarmed by the darkness in this poem.  I had recently had a health scare which turned out to be minor.  I had spent several weeks on Dr. Google (thank you Katelyn for this little moniker!) trying to diagnose what was wrong with me.  I honestly was too afraid to get it checked out.  It felt different this time.  I was sure it was something fatal.  I tell you I am not afraid of death but I am afraid of dying.  I’m not sure if this fatalistic thinking is because so many of my friends are sick now and struggling with their own health problems.  And, thanks to Facebook we are able to connect with those friends in a way we haven’t been able to in the past.  What ever the reason this fear that took me by the throat literally sucked all my creative juice away.  This poem is the resurrection of that creativity which was pushed aside by fear.


The Monster  

despair. . .
captured me

dropped me
on a barren


fear. . .
the blood that seeps
from my wounds

loneliness. . .
pecks at my flesh

only bones remain

I am . . .

I see . . .




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3 thoughts on “The Monster

  1. This poem took my breath away! I’m so, so glad the health scare was minor and that you found your way out of the darkness. I plan to post this on my bathroom mirror as a reminder that fear IS ONLY in our minds! Thank you!!


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