Reflections of an Empath

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Photo Credit: Della McGee

I am back in Ashland after spending the last 10 days in the Cities where I was teaching a workshop on being an empath and seeing private clients.  Today I am resting up after all those days of work and the many long hours of driving.  I learn so much on these trips but this one, especially so.

I had never taught on the topic of being an empath before so had a lot of research and writing to do beforehand.  What I learned brought me to a better understanding of my own nature and with that understanding came compassion for myself.

Some Traits of an Empath:

  • people point out you are highly sensitive
  • you feel other people’s feelings
  • negativity overwhelms you
  • being in a crowd overwhelms you
  • you are very intuitive
  • highly sensitive to pain in yourself or seeing/sensing pain in others or animals
  • you are affected by negative media images, ie, social media, newspapers, television news, movies, etc.
  • you are more sensitive to stimulants, medications, smells, etc. than other people seem to be
  • you often end up with the same symptoms as those around you. For example, you go to work feeling fine and the next thing you know you feel yourself coming down with what ever your co-worker has
  • you frequently have lower back or digestive problems
  • you are the dumping ground for the problems of others
  • you often feel fatigue
  • you have a very vibrant inner life
  • you are sensitive to sounds and sensory feelings. Too loud noises or certain lighting can affect you
  • you don’t like too many things coming at once, i.e. easily overwhelmed or feeling bombarded
  • you manage your environment
  • can be prone to anxiety – that’s why I manage my environment
  • there may be a number of narcissists in your life – narcissists are drawn to empaths like a moth to a flame (future blog on this one alone)
  • you are a great listener
  • you get bored easily

The empathic traits that I embody have, in the past, made me feel weak and some how less than what I perceive as normal compared to other people.  Feeling the emotions of those around me can often waylay me for days.  Yet, at the same time, it is one of my greatest super powers.  It makes me good at my job as a teacher and healer.

Sharing this information with other empaths feels important and timely.  We (empaths) need to begin to see ourselves as unique and not flawed.  We have a gift and if we can learn to understand that gift we can become strong.

It is imperative we begin to see ourselves as empowered instead of as victims of our empath nature.  For instance, feeling the emotions of those around us can offer us the opportunity to be in compassion.  Our natural intuitiveness can prepare us for what ever comes our way beforehand.  Being sensitive to negativity in the media, movies, and news can light a fire in us for social change.

When we stop asking ourselves why we are this way and accept this is who we are we can show up in the world in a way that empowers ourself and others.

If you would like to learn more about being an empath you can contact Della here.

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