Dancing With My Shadow

Della & Shadow
Photo Credit: Linda Reed

I’ve been looking at my shadow lately.  Becoming aware of where and how she reveals herself.  . . and when.  Usually, she makes her self known when I’m in fear.  When I slip out of the present moment and into the future or the past.

She shows herself in my sharpness of tone or an unguarded look.  She comforts herself with chocolate and potato chips when she’s bored and lonely.

She is not separate from my Self, the Self I see as conscious and aware.  Yet, she can surprise me with her responses at a moments notice.

As long as I see her as part of myself I can learn from her.  When I deny her or try to hide her darkness can over take me and I can forget about my light.  The key for me is recognizing when I’m in fear and then breathing deeply.  That way I can take the time to hear her voice instead of reacting negatively.  I believe this will take practice and that in time I can integrate my shadow and instead of dancing separately we can come together as one.

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