Word of The Day: Water

Lost Creek Falls (1 of 1)
Photo Credit:  Della McGee

Definition:  Colorless transparent liquid; rivers; oceans, or lakes; used for drinking, bathing or cleansing.

When I first tuned into the word for today I doubted that my guides really meant they wanted me to write about water.  The more I researched and meditated the more I realized that they made no mistake in choosing this word.

Water has always been the element that I most resonate with.  Part of my daily ritual is a long hot bath.  This is where I cleanse off any energetic residue that may be adhered to my auric field.  This is where I meditate.  My visions and my inspirations are most likely to come during a good soak in the tub.

In dreams, water represents our emotions.  If I am swimming easily in a lake or an ocean in my dream that I am navigating my emotions with grace and ease.  If I am drowning or a toilet is clogged and overflowing it usually means that I am overwhelmed by my emotions.

My favorite saying about water is going with the flow.  It is something I have to remind myself of regularly.  Let go and allow yourself to flow with the River of Life.  When we struggle we are more likely to drown.

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