Word of The Day: Disruption

TwoPathsWord of The Day:  Disruption

Definition – An interruption in an event, activity, process or plan.

I thought this a very strange word to be given to meditate on today.  At first, I felt it was a foreshadowing of possible challenging things to come.  The more I let the word settle into my being the more I realized that what my guides were teaching me is this:  If we look at the word from a spiritual perspective disruption is actually Divine course correction.

It is easy for me to get caught up in my plan and doing things my way that it often takes a total disruption in my life to realize that there is often a better way.

My brother recently helped me move from Ashland, WI back to the Twin Cities.  The original plan was to move the first week in November.  My brother’s schedule suddenly changed and I had to be ready in three days instead of three weeks.  Ack!  I basically had to throw up my hands and let the Universe help.  Everything flowed beautifully.  All my stuff fit on my brother’s trailer (just barely), I had the help of strong people on both ends of the trip who were able to help at the absolute last-minute.  We made it to the Cities without a hitch and got me all moved in.  Whew!  It turned out so much better than what I could have even planned.

I invite you to look at your plans today.  Are they flowing easily?  Or, is “something” gently nudging you in a different direction?  Pay attention to the disruptions in your life.  There may be something better trying to get your attention.

Della is a healer, intuitive, teacher, writer, and yogi.  Find out more about her services here.

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