Word of The Day: Destiny

600_461306703Word of The Day:  Destiny

Definition- The Divine Plan; the overlaying theme of what we have come to learn or master.

Today’s word comes from an online question from a client.

My Guides gave me this as an explanation for the question “What is my Destiny?”

Your Destiny is a loose blueprint of what you have come to master.  We say loose because you have free will in all choices you make.  Your astrology and your numerology help give structure to this Plan.  This plan wasn’t made for you it was made with you.  You and your Divine Planners made the blueprint for this lifetime you are living now.

My overlying theme or destiny is Trust.  In many of my relationships over my lifetime trust was either violated or abused.  What I have come to learn is that those relationships were a reflection of me not trusting my Higher Power and me not trusting me.  If I can not trust myself I am truly powerless.  I am far from mastering this theme.  I plan on living a good long life though . . . I have time.  šŸ˜‰

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