Word of The Day: Stillness

stillness-of-water-terry-cosgraveWord of The Day:  Stillness

Definition – silence; quiet; the absence of motion

This word came to me today while lying in bed.  I am being treated for Lyme Disease and the little critters dying off is hard on the body.  It leaves me exhausted and lethargic and often times in pain.  It is hard to be self-employed and be sick.  There are no paid days off.  So, when I can’t work, I tend to get caught up in anxiety about not being able to work.

I knew I had to find stillness in my mind if I were going to shift out of fear so I began to breathe.  The deeper I breathed the more quiet I became.  A great stillness came over me and I fell back asleep.  I could’t have gotten there without the breath.  When I awoke the fear had dissipated.

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