Word of The Day: Me

Archer Pose
Photo Credit:  Linda Reed

Word of The Day: Me

Definition – how we identify ourselves

This is another one of those words that I rejected writing about immediately.  This can’t really be the word They want me to write about?  I shouldn’t put this word out there.  How self-absorbed is that?

The more I meditated on the word the more I realized the perfection of it.  I have been “shoulding” myself a lot lately.  Healing from Lyme’s Disease is an arduous process.   And the energy I do have has to be parceled out carefully.  The time I spend resting has not been very restful because of what I think I “should” be doing instead.

One of the “ahas” I’ve had about the metaphysical meaning of having Lyme’s Disease is this:  Lyme Disease is showing me all the areas in my life I feel powerless.   I feel powerless financially because I don’t have the energy to work.  I feel powerless romantically because I’ve never been able to stay in a relationship for very long.  I feel powerless physically because I am too weak to do much of anything.  And the list goes on. . .

This disease is offering me an opportunity to reclaim my power by deciding to shift my self-talk, my thinking, and my perceptions.  This disease is giving me an opportunity to reclaim my power and to reclaim Me.

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4 thoughts on “Word of The Day: Me

  1. You are such a shining example of the idea that it’s not so much what happens to us but the meaning that we are assigned to it, the story that we tell ourselves about it, that allows us to grow and move forward or not.

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  2. I started to respond that I’ve been a should-er too, but when I typed it without the dash, it was shoulder and I was confused for a moment. I wondered why I was struck by this, so I looked up a definition, which is: the “human shoulders regarded as bearing responsibility or hardship or providing strength.” I never realized when I say I should do this or I should do that, I was thinking of all the responsibilities that I carry on my shoulders. Should and shoulders have never connected for me before. Now I am going to visualize the shoulds perching on my shoulders like vultures and flick them off…they are such a noisy bunch of birds! Thank you, Della!

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