Word of The Day: Visualization

22225416c3667702fbbbcd55a63e0dfaWord of The Day:  Visualization

Definition – the formation of a mental image of something.  To see an image in your mind to affect change in the material world.

I always knew words held power but not until I started my Word of The Day writing practice did I realize just how much words meant to me.

If you have been reading these posts you know I have been healing from Lyme’s Disease.  One of the powerful tools I have been practicing in this process is visualization.  I have been visualizing the Lyme bacteria in my body as exploding and changing into light.  Sometimes I have been visualizing fire burning them up.  Visualization along with other natural remedies have been working.  I am feeling better every day.  This has been a long journey back to wellness and I have had many ups and downs.  When I am down its hard not to follow my mind into depression.  When I am up the whole world looks bright again.  The mind can either be our friend or our foe.  Which will you choose today?

Della is a yoga teacher, intuitive reader, and healer.  Find out more here.

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