Word of The Day: Breakthrough

breakthrough-imgWord of The Day:  Breakthrough

Definition – a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development; an instance of achieving success in a particular sphere or activity.

When this word was given to me this morning I was immediately filled with a sense of relief.  This is what it feels like to break through walls of your own making.  How do you bust down those walls?  By changing your perception of a belief that no longer serves you.

My example today is marketing for my business.  I use to hate to do it.  It felt like such drudgery in the past.  I would tell myself that nothing that I am doing works, no one is paying attention anyway, and on and on. . .

While recovering from Lyme Disease marketing (posting on Facebook, writing my blog, updating my website, etc.) is the only thing I have had the energy for.  Now that I am feeling better I realize that I am actually having fun doing all those things that I dreaded in the past.  My perception of the task changed and what was once a chore is now something I am excited to do every day.

Where are you seeing breakthroughs in your life today?

Della is an intuitive reader, hands-on healer, yoga teacher and more.  Find her here.

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