Word of The Day: Thanksgiving

Photo Credit:  Linda Reed

Definition – the expression of gratitude

I am thankful for my friends and family.  I am grateful for the work I get to do on the planet.  I am thankful for my health.  I am grateful for each breath I take.  I am grateful that I am being kinder to myself.

What are you thankful for today?

2 thoughts on “Word of The Day: Thanksgiving

  1. I am thankful for having all of you in my life. I gleam so many vital self care tips from you. I am grateful and thankful for the dream I had this Thanksgiving morning; it brought me the gift of acceptance. This acceptance will allow me to accept my siblings. That my friends is a huge step for me. I accept. I do not assume that I can change them, I will not take responsibility for their actions or negative feelings. I accept and am grateful I dream.
    Oh my favorite bird the roseate spoonbill flew by my window at 0901EST; blessed!

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