The Trees Remember

black and blue (1 of 1)
Photo Credit:  Della McGee

I took a walk alone in the woods.

The trees remembered me.  I could tell by the way the wind rustled their leaves in just a certain way. I didn’t know if they would since it had been so long since I had been this way.

The path was overgrown, and a bit dark as the canopy overhead blocked out the sun. I was afraid as only a woman walking alone in the woods can be.  Too many horror stories real and make-believe.  I refused to turn back as I had come too far like the story of my life.

The deeper I traveled, the richer the sounds of the forest, and the smells of decaying earth filled my lungs. You know the smell that only comes in the fall as the trees lose their leaves.

The crows scared me with there cawing and the unearthly swish of their wings taking flight as they shook the acorns from the trees to rain down upon me. Trying to unbalance me like marbles strewn about. The sound of the crunching beneath my feet.  I was careful though. I called upon my spirit animals to walk by my side, and the fear slowly melted away.

The path opened up as the trees thinned and the water lay before me and the river welcomed me home.  It too remembered.

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