What Is a Chakra?

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In it’s simplest of terms a chakra is an energy center that reflects what is going on within our physical, mental and emotional self. I like to think of each energy center as a hard drive that stores information about our experiences. Those experiences and how we process them can determine whether or not our hard drive runs efficiently or whether it is so chock-full of old data that it affects the entire system and begins to shut down.

Continuing with the computer metaphor, there are 7 main hard drives located in the physical body. Each hard drive holds information about the particular center it governs. Each chakra or center is associated with a color, an element, organs or structures of the physical body, and emotional aspects of our being.
For example, the center at the base of the spine called with the 1st or root chakra is aligned with the color red, the element of earth, the organs of elimination and the emotions of safety and security. Our childhood experiences are stored in this chakra.
If we had a traumatic childhood and were unable to process those experiences safely and healthily our body may begin to show that trauma by experiencing dis-ease. Dis-ease in this center can include issues with the organs of elimination. That can show up merely as constipation or more dramatically as colon cancer. Emotionally you will have a lot of fear and insecurity and a feeling of not belonging here on Earth or within your own family.
A person who is balanced in this energy center tends to be grounded, confident and emotionally stable and your organs of elimination are functioning efficiently.
How does one bring this energy center back into balance if it is off? Connecting to the Earth, yoga, meditation, and a desire to heal are keys to bringing this hard drive back online.
This example is just one of the 7 chakras we will be exploring during my Kundalini Yoga workshop this Friday. Click on the link to register

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