Guest Post: Eat The Cake!

half-eaten-cakeEat The Cake by Angela Marie

That’s right. When eating intuitively, you get to eat the cake. Well, maybe not the whole cake…

Perhaps you can relate: I’m working on a project and lose track of time. A thought hits me that I should probably eat. I do a quick check with my intuition – do I need food, or am I needing to hydrate, or am I just bored or emotional? Once I establish that it’s food I need, I head to the kitchen. Now comes the hard part – what to eat? Depending on when I last got groceries options are limited, but more often than not, I’m blessed with a multitude. This is when the phrase “keep it simple” echoes through my mind. I ask simple yes/no rapid-fire questions of my intuition to narrow things down. “What do I need; Protein? Carbs? Sweet? Salty? Veggies? Fruit?” Often, it’s just one of those, but sometimes a combination is called for.

From there, I look at the options that meet the nutritional criteria, grabbing what my intuition says yes to. I narrow down quantity in a similar fashion. Once I’ve put together the snack or meal created with my intuition’s help, I sit down and enjoy. I know I’ve listened well when my whole body feels like it’s smiling, especially if my intuition leads me to have a little cake. Sometimes, it’s precisely the treat my body needs. So, I portion it out and eat the cake, savoring every last crumb. 😊

Angela Marie is a life-long follower of intuition and a healer and psychic based in southeastern Minnesota offering intuitive, hands-on healing combined with psychic insight to help guide individuals on their healing journey and lives in general. For more information: – Twitter and IG @soulliaison – Patreon

Would you like to share your intuitive eating story?  I am accepting submissions of 500 words or less, subject to editing.  You can email Della at




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