Word of The Day: Listening

ListeningWord of The Day:  Listening

Definition – give one’s attention to.

There is a saying in the New Thought Movement that “What you put your attention to grows”.  That really struck me as I wrote today’s definition.

When I think of listening I always assume it’s about hearing someone like a friend, neighbor or even Divine Guidance.  But I rarely think about deeply listening to myself.  What am I saying to me all day every day?  What am I giving my attention to without even realizing it.  Food for thought. . .

Word of The Day: Now

Three-Ways-to-Connect-to-the-Present-Moment-Yes-Right-Now-800x568Word of The Day:  Now

Definition – At the present time or moment; a command

How many of us actually know how to live in the present moment? I don’t.  I do practice pulling myself back into the now time and time again.  But, to be honest, I’m just not very good at being present.  Here is a technique I use to help me get into the now.

Put your awareness in your feet.  Begin to breathe long, slow and deep.  Wiggle your toes if you have to to get into your body.  When you are consciously aware of your breathe you are in the now moment.   When you are out of your body the breath tends to become shallow.  A shallow breath is also an indication that we are no longer in the present moment.

Prana is the inhale (life force).  Apana is the exhale (elimination).  Breathe in life and exhale anything that no longer serves you.  Do it NOW.

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Word of The Day: Divine Guidance

divine-guidanceWord of The Day:  Divine Guidance


Divine – of, from, or like God or a god.

Guidance– advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty, especially as given by someone in authority; Spirit Guides, Angels, Higher Self, etc.

How do we get quiet enough to hear our Divine Guidance?  Yoga and meditation are one way.  I also have a daily writing practice that helps me sift through the dross in my mind.

Yet, there are many more ways that Spirit speaks to us.  Have you ever read a book, either fiction or nonfiction and a sentence jumps out and speaks to your soul at the right and perfect time.  I have received messages from Guidance via podcast, billboards and songs on the radio.  There are many ways the Divine can communicate with us.  All we need is willingness to open up and allow Spirit to shine through.

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Word of The Day: Gateway

Art by Jeremiah Morelli

Word of The Day: Gateway

Definition – a means of access or entry to a new way of being.

Are you ready Guidance asks?

Today’s word beckons you forth on your journey of discovery.  You are on the precipice of something big.  Change is coming and we are being asked to be courageous in stepping through to the other side.  The old way of life may be comfortable and complacent but is it joyous?  Are you living your dreams or someone else?

To be sure you are ready Guidance asks us to pause and reflect before we step through that Gateway.  Is there anything left unfinished?  It is important not to bypass our unhealed wounds as we step into our new life.  If we skip ahead we end up creating the same old life we had before.

Today’s word shows the opportunities that are available now.  It also invites us to pause and reflect.  Are we as ready as we think we are?

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Word of The Day: Obedience

What-Does-Loving-Yourself-Mean--760x428Word of The Day:  Obedience

Definition – Compliance with a command or law; submission to authority; performing that which is required.

I immediately got rankled when I heard that obedience was the word of the day.  Obviously, I have some resistance here.  Once I calmed down I realized my guides were saying this word is about obeying the heart and not any kind of external submission to man.

guru-pranamMy heart always knows the truth.  It’s getting out of my head and into my heart that is the challange.  There is a meditation in Kundalini Yoga called Guru Pranam.  The idea is to bow down in childs pose with your hands above your head into prayer pose.  This raises your heart above your head.  The breathing automatically becomes long and deep.  This pose is an easy way to get out of your head and listen to the wisdom of the heart.  I invite you to try it.

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Word of The Day: Breakthrough

breakthrough-imgWord of The Day:  Breakthrough

Definition – a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development; an instance of achieving success in a particular sphere or activity.

When this word was given to me this morning I was immediately filled with a sense of relief.  This is what it feels like to break through walls of your own making.  How do you bust down those walls?  By changing your perception of a belief that no longer serves you.

My example today is marketing for my business.  I use to hate to do it.  It felt like such drudgery in the past.  I would tell myself that nothing that I am doing works, no one is paying attention anyway, and on and on. . .

While recovering from Lyme Disease marketing (posting on Facebook, writing my blog, updating my website, etc.) is the only thing I have had the energy for.  Now that I am feeling better I realize that I am actually having fun doing all those things that I dreaded in the past.  My perception of the task changed and what was once a chore is now something I am excited to do every day.

Where are you seeing breakthroughs in your life today?

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Word of The Day: Perception

diamond-500872_640-e1501776596980Word of The Day:  Perception

Definition – a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something

The vision I was given today by Guidance was a many-faceted jewel.  Each facet represents a perception of ourselves that we hold dear.  Maybe that perception is “I’m not good enough?”  If we look at ourselves through only one facet of the jewel we are unable to see ourselves clearly.  If we are only looking through one facet we may not even realize we are a jewel at all.   Even if we turn the jewel around and look at it from another angle our perception of ourself is still askew.  It is only when we step back and can see the whole jewel can we see the truth of who we are.  We are magnificent diamonds.  Maybe that diamond is rough cut but it doesn’t change the fact that it is still a beautiful jewel.

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Word of The Day: Inhabit

dancerposeWord of The Day:  Inhabit

Definition – (of a person, animal, or group) live in or occupy (a place or environment).

As I was practicing my yoga this morning I was thinking about how much I admired people who fully inhabited their body.  I am not one of those people.  As an empath, I feel everything.  I am very sensitive to pain, mine, and other peoples.  As such, I am not very present in my body.

When I looked up the definition of the word today I was struck by the fact that inhabit is a verb, an action word.  To inhabit one’s body is an active state of being.  I asked Guidance how do I learn to inhabit my body.  I was told to breathe long and deep.  You have to be fully in your body to breathe long and deep.  You just can’t do it otherwise.  That is my practice for today.  Breathe.  Inhale and exhale.  Long and slow.

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Word of The Day: Visualization

22225416c3667702fbbbcd55a63e0dfaWord of The Day:  Visualization

Definition – the formation of a mental image of something.  To see an image in your mind to affect change in the material world.

I always knew words held power but not until I started my Word of The Day writing practice did I realize just how much words meant to me.

If you have been reading these posts you know I have been healing from Lyme’s Disease.  One of the powerful tools I have been practicing in this process is visualization.  I have been visualizing the Lyme bacteria in my body as exploding and changing into light.  Sometimes I have been visualizing fire burning them up.  Visualization along with other natural remedies have been working.  I am feeling better every day.  This has been a long journey back to wellness and I have had many ups and downs.  When I am down its hard not to follow my mind into depression.  When I am up the whole world looks bright again.  The mind can either be our friend or our foe.  Which will you choose today?

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Word of The Day: Me

Archer Pose
Photo Credit:  Linda Reed

Word of The Day: Me

Definition – how we identify ourselves

This is another one of those words that I rejected writing about immediately.  This can’t really be the word They want me to write about?  I shouldn’t put this word out there.  How self-absorbed is that?

The more I meditated on the word the more I realized the perfection of it.  I have been “shoulding” myself a lot lately.  Healing from Lyme’s Disease is an arduous process.   And the energy I do have has to be parceled out carefully.  The time I spend resting has not been very restful because of what I think I “should” be doing instead.

One of the “ahas” I’ve had about the metaphysical meaning of having Lyme’s Disease is this:  Lyme Disease is showing me all the areas in my life I feel powerless.   I feel powerless financially because I don’t have the energy to work.  I feel powerless romantically because I’ve never been able to stay in a relationship for very long.  I feel powerless physically because I am too weak to do much of anything.  And the list goes on. . .

This disease is offering me an opportunity to reclaim my power by deciding to shift my self-talk, my thinking, and my perceptions.  This disease is giving me an opportunity to reclaim my power and to reclaim Me.

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