Haiku Day 5

snake pastel
Pastel by Della McGee

I stepped on a snake

it was basking in the sun

shedding old wounds too?

While walking in the woods yesterday, I literally stepped on a snake.  I was so busy looking up at the leaves that I didn’t look down at where I was walking.

I looked back at what I had slipped on when I saw this garter snake slowly slithering away.  It had a bulge in its body either from me stepping on it, or maybe it was digesting lunch.  I so hope it was lunch.

It got me thinking about how Snake sheds its skin and how I seem to do the same.  Each layer coming off revealing more and more of who I really am.

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Haiku Day Three


pumpkin haiku
photo by Della McGee

Immersed in the past
Old memories can haunt you
Someone call a priest

Yesterday I went to a funeral.  A whole bunch of memories got stirred up as people shared stories. Last night I had strange dreams and I awoke with a feeling of being haunted by the past.  It was one of those dreams that clings to you several hours after you’ve awakened.  It’s like a thickness that surrounds you.  Something intangible but definitely there.

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Haiku Day Two

stories haikuI was talking to my son the other day and expressing to him that my creativity/artwork has fallen by the wayside.  He suggested I do an art sadhana since I was so good at sadhana (daily spiritual practice).  I thought this was a great idea so, I decided to write a haiku a day for the next 40 days accompanied by either one of my photographs or another piece of art that I create.

This haiku was inspired by some thoughts I was having about an old relationship.  I was thinking about the story I created about “us” and was struck about how different his story was to mine.  We are defined by the stories we tell ourselves.

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