Word of The Day: Now

Three-Ways-to-Connect-to-the-Present-Moment-Yes-Right-Now-800x568Word of The Day:  Now

Definition – At the present time or moment; a command

How many of us actually know how to live in the present moment? I don’t.  I do practice pulling myself back into the now time and time again.  But, to be honest, I’m just not very good at being present.  Here is a technique I use to help me get into the now.

Put your awareness in your feet.  Begin to breathe long, slow and deep.  Wiggle your toes if you have to to get into your body.  When you are consciously aware of your breathe you are in the now moment.   When you are out of your body the breath tends to become shallow.  A shallow breath is also an indication that we are no longer in the present moment.

Prana is the inhale (life force).  Apana is the exhale (elimination).  Breathe in life and exhale anything that no longer serves you.  Do it NOW.

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