Shamanic Journey: Hummingbird Medicine

bm6gr0Whenever I have a question that my logical mind can’t answer I practice a technique called shamanic journeying.  Steven Farmer has a beautiful guided shamanic meditation on Hay House Meditations (free on their podcast app).  This particular journey invites an animal guide in to help you gain insight into your question.

I have been struggling with how and what to eat that will best support my body in being it’s healthiest expression.  My question was what should I be eating to accomplish this.

As I have done this meditation many times, it was easy for me to drop into my sacred place in my imagination an allow Guidance to pop in.  Guidance showed up in the form of a tiny little hummingbird flying around.  At first, I was confused because hummingbirds eat all. of. The. Time. And mostly nectar (sugar).  I’m like, that can’t be right!  And, then, I let go and was able to discern the deeper meaning of hummingbird.  Hummingbirds in many spiritual circles represent joy.  It isn’t what I eat that matters so much as how I eat.  I rarely eat with joy.

I often have a lot of angst attached to what I eat, when I eat, how I eat, what I am doing while I eat, etc. that eating becomes a stressor instead of a pleasure.   As joy only exists in the present moment, it reminds me to savor and deeply experience the food when I do eat.   It’s an excellent place to start.  I think the rest will fall into place if I allow joy to be my guide.  Before I eat something I can start by asking myself will this bring me joy?  It’s an interesting experiment that I am looking forward to exploring.

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Raw Cacao Banana Ice Cream

Ice Cream

I know it’s starting to get cold out but is there really a bad time to eat cold yummy goodness?


1 frozen banana

3 Tbs. raw cacao nibs (ground in coffee grinder)

1-2 Tbs. almond butter

1 tsp. vanilla

coconut milk (to blend)

Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender and begin blending. Slowly add the coconut milk until “ice cream” is the right consistency. Makes 1-3 servings.

Benefits of raw cacao:

packed full of fiber

tons of antioxidants

lots of magnesium

potassium galore

chock full of iron

mood enhancer (well duh!)

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Haiku Day 5

snake pastel
Pastel by Della McGee

I stepped on a snake

it was basking in the sun

shedding old wounds too?

While walking in the woods yesterday, I literally stepped on a snake.  I was so busy looking up at the leaves that I didn’t look down at where I was walking.

I looked back at what I had slipped on when I saw this garter snake slowly slithering away.  It had a bulge in its body either from me stepping on it, or maybe it was digesting lunch.  I so hope it was lunch.

It got me thinking about how Snake sheds its skin and how I seem to do the same.  Each layer coming off revealing more and more of who I really am.

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Haiku Day Three


pumpkin haiku
photo by Della McGee

Immersed in the past
Old memories can haunt you
Someone call a priest

Yesterday I went to a funeral.  A whole bunch of memories got stirred up as people shared stories. Last night I had strange dreams and I awoke with a feeling of being haunted by the past.  It was one of those dreams that clings to you several hours after you’ve awakened.  It’s like a thickness that surrounds you.  Something intangible but definitely there.

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