Why You May Be Gaining Weight

bigstock-Overweight-Woman-Getting-Dress-152920883-710x250Have you gained weight like I have over the last few months?  Are you doing everything right as far as diet and exercise but the weight won’t budge?  During an Intuitive Reading with a client recently I was gifted with the reason why so many of us have gained weight lately.

Those of us who are empaths (energetically sensitive) are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, ungrounded, scattered and downright crazy at times.  We live in challenging age which makes us want to disconnect from the chaos by energetically leaving our body.  As a result of this disconnect, our bodies are putting on extra pounds to try and keep us in them.  We are not being betrayed by our bodies we are being helped in a very primal way.  You are a physical being and an energetic one as well.  The physical is the home for the energetic.  The physical body speaks to us through pain and pleasure and weight loss and weight gain.

I believe that staying present in the body can bring us back into balance.   Here are some suggestions on how to accomplish this:

  • an intentional movement like yoga or dance
  • being in nature.  Put your bare feet on the Earth and your back up against a tree
  • playing with children and animals
  • apply root lock.  Squeeze the sphincter muscle, sex organs, and lower abdominals and hold as up to 30 sec.  Release and repeat until you feel back in your body.  (do not apply root lock if pregnant or menstruating)
  • visualize roots growing from the bottoms of your feet and plunging into the Earth and grounding you there.
  • carry your favorite stones in your pockets.  Hematite, tiger’s eye, apache tear, etc. are all excellent stones to help you ground.
  • place a few drops of essential oil on the bottom of your feet.  Clary sage, cypress, lavender are just a couple you can try.

Let me know if you have been experiencing this too.  It helps to know that we are not alone.  Find out more about me here.

Are Your Carrying Yourself In a Sacred Way?

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Photo Credit:  Linda S. Reed

“Are you carrying yourself in a sacred way,” Grandmother spirit guide asked?

This is the question I reflect on every morning lately.  It reminds me to take a deep breath, straightened my spine and say. . . Yes.

Yes, to life.  Yes, to love.  Yes, to me.

It also reminds me to love myself in a way I am unfamiliar with.  To carry me in a sacred way means unconditional love of self.  That means to love my body.  To love my mind.  To love my spirit.  Accepting myself exactly as I am is what carrying myself in a sacred way means to me.  What does it mean to you?

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Swallowing Rocks – A Body Love Tale

The Well_Fotor_Fotor
As I lay on the massage table I started to drift.  Images began to float in my mind.  I knew I was tapping into something profound so I simply followed where the images led.  I saw myself walking towards a pond.  I was dressed in clothing from the 1700’s.  There were people gathered round.  This was the time of the witch hunts and they had come to witness my death.   I had been made to swallow rock after rock until I could barely move.

I was forced to walk into the pond where I quickly sank to the bottom and drowned.  From my observers position I could tell that when I died my spirit did not leave my body.  I was stuck there surrounded by water weighted down for eternity.

I knew that I could aid this me that was trapped in that pond so I went in to help her.  I told her to look at her body as it decayed and all that was left were bones.  When she looked down at herself she could see that there was no more flesh to hold the rocks in place and she was able to be free.  She went off to where ever it is that spirits go when they die.

When I got off the massage table I felt lighter.  I was curious about what I had seen so when I got home I started researching the Burning Times to see if witches were killed by being forced to swallow rocks and then drowned.  I couldn’t find any evidence of that particular method of elimination so am not sure if was a past life of mine or not.

I decided to look at the images as if I were interpreting a dream. I started with the metaphor of swallowing rocks.  All of my life I have had extreme self-loathing around my belly.  It is not an ugly belly.  In fact it is rather a charming belly.  Yet, I have always been ashamed of its shape and size.  It has never made any logical sense to me as to why I would feel that way.  I never really got teased about my body when I was younger.  At least, not any more than anyone else has.  And, I’ve always been blessed by the men in my life adoring my body.  So where does that self loathing come from?  I do not know . . . Yet, this metaphor of swallowing rocks resonated with the answer.

I have always felt heavy even at my lightest weight.  I am actually 20 pounds heavier than I was 2 years ago and I am more comfortable in my body now then I was then.  But the breaking down of my self into body parts has always been ever present.  You may be familiar with looking in the mirror and only seeing your ass, or your thighs, or like me, your belly.  I could never see the whole me.

The rocks in this metaphor represent something (beliefs?) that hold me down.  The rocks keep me from being fully in my power.  A woman’s belly is her seat of power.  We create life within our bellies.  When we disown our bellies we deny our Creator Self.  Water in dream symbology is often interpreted as emotions.  Here I am weighted down and drowning in emotions, not able to free my spirit, not able to create, or be free to express my witchy self.  My unconscious was believing all of this and it was seeping through into my conscious state.  It would rear its ugly head at the best of times in my life.  When ever I am feeling great I would get distracted with these body issues.  There would be this buzzing that I would hear that would tell me my belly was fat or unattractive.

This memory shifted the feeling of heaviness that I have carried for my entire life.  I feel lighter now.  I still wish my belly were flatter but it doesn’t seem so distorted as it once did.  When I look in the mirror I see my whole self rather than parts.  I see. . .  Me.

I sense this memory was able to come to the surface because of all the past life regression work I have been doing with myself and others.  The massage brought me into a trance state where my unconscious could reveal itself.  If you would like to do some past life exploration with my help you can find out how here.

What Are You Worth?

5d6d05dc3f67c6bfb6931b5b9b644d3aI’ve thought a lot about this lately as I’ve stepped off the scale and begun to see my self with more compassion.  I’m not exactly sure where I learned that my worth is what I weigh, how much I carry out in a day or how much money I have or don’t have in my bank account.  I know that some of these messages I learned in childhood and others constantly bombard us on billboards, magazines, television, etc.

I’ve turned my focus these days to what I have instead of what I don’t.  In thinking about wealth I realize I am abundant in relationships, freedom, time, creativity, health & wellness, etc.  I don’t always recognize these things because my focus is often on money being the descriptor of abundance.  Being self-employed and being a follower of the law of attraction is often tricky at times.  The law of attraction teaches that what you focus on you create.  It is easy to see what I am not creating in my life and then thinking there is something wrong with me or, that I’m not”doing it” right, or that I’m not being spiritual enough.  I call bullsh@#t on that!

Today I am deciding that I have enough.  I do enough.  I am enough.  And, that is enough.

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A Conversation With Fear

20044 DThis article was originally posted to my now defunct yogagirl’s blog on March 24th. 

This is a post about making fear your friend.  If not your friend, at least acknowledging fears existence.  We live in a world inundated by fear.  We can not escape its presence on the planet.  My habit has been to ignore fear, battle fear or try to will it away.  None of those practices actually eliminates fear – quite the opposite.  It gives fear more power.

Today I used dance as a way to hold space for myself and my fears.  I have always been too afraid to do this. If I looked at my fears too closely I feared they would consume me and I would be lost. This was powerful for me as it gave me a tool to move it out of my body without the battle of wills I have engaged in the past.

I talked to my fear.  I let it know it was o.k. that it was there.  Something I would have never done before.  As I danced I felt my body shift out its rigid strangle hold that fear wraps me in.  My limbs became loose and buoyant.  I felt free.

Fear will undoubtedly come back but I know how to engage it now.  I know how to speak to it through dance.  Last weekend I went to a place called Dance Church here in Minneapolis.  The woman who held space for us dancers asked everyone to let the dance be the conversation.  I loved that imagery of speaking through my bodies relationship to the music.  It gave me permission to converse not so much with the other dancers but with me.  Who am I if I don’t talk to my own soul?

Read here about my 21 day dance journey to heal life long body image issues.

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Fat Head


When I was a child I believed I was fat.  This belief lasted long into my adulthood.  Sorting through some old photos the other day I came across images of me in my younger years.  No where in those photos was a fat person.  The pictures actually show the opposite.  I look lean and fit and maybe just a bit cheeky.

mischiefWhere did this idea that I was fat come from?  I’d like to blame it on my father who called me lead bottom.  Apparently I fell down on my butt a lot.  Or, I can point to my three older brothers who teased me.  I honestly don’t feel that this belief about my body came from these sources though.  I believe it comes from the unrealistic images we, as women, are inundated with in movies and magazines.  The marketers of the world have stated that a woman should look a certain way and we are bad or wrong if we don’t.  These marketing messages seep into every fiber of a woman’s conscious, unconscious and subconscious.  We are literally programmed to believe that we are fat no matter what size we are.

11Well into my 20’s I would shop for clothes that were sized large.  It took me until my 30’s to realize I wasn’t a large person and to stop shopping for large clothes.15 sturgeon lake farm

Today I am closing in on 50 and I can tell you that it has been a long journey to body love.  My body is more round than it was as a youth and that is to be expected.  I have birthed a baby, had a car accident, gone through several surgeries, grieved death and loved unabashedly.  All of this has marked me.  But what has marked me the most is my years of perceiving myself as unlovable, as fat, as anything less than beautiful.  Being fat was all in my head.  Thus, the fat head title to this post.

Photo on 5-12-15 at 9.28 AM #5

Today I can honestly say I love my body.  On most days I feel beautiful.  I still have the occasional “fat head” day but those days come fewer and farther between.  It has become my mission to remind women that they are beautiful exactly as they are.

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