The Joy of Eating

Raspberry adhara mudra (1 of 1)Have you ever eaten raspberries right off the bush?  Do you remember how it feels to risk life and limb (and scratches!) for each plump berry?  This was my experience today as I reveled in the joy of each delectable bite.  I even emitted little piggy sounds as I gleefully went from bush to bush picking the ripe berries and popping them into my mouth.  Each berry had its own unique taste depending on its level of ripeness.

As I listened to my body I found I had eventually had enough.  I kept on picking berries to savor for later.  It had been so long since I had actually savored my food.  It had been even longer since I had experienced joy around eating.

Eating has had, for the longest time, so much baggage attached to it for me.  As I continue on the path of intuitive eating joy and freedom are returning.  More importantly, the inner voice of my body wisdom is becoming more clear.

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