Are Your Carrying Yourself In a Sacred Way?

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“Are you carrying yourself in a sacred way,” Grandmother spirit guide asked?

This is the question I reflect on every morning lately.  It reminds me to take a deep breath, straightened my spine and say. . . Yes.

Yes, to life.  Yes, to love.  Yes, to me.

It also reminds me to love myself in a way I am unfamiliar with.  To carry me in a sacred way means unconditional love of self.  That means to love my body.  To love my mind.  To love my spirit.  Accepting myself exactly as I am is what carrying myself in a sacred way means to me.  What does it mean to you?

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The Peace Bringer

breath-of-life-1Today’s message from my Spirit Guide Mother:

Today is a good day to get quiet and go within.  Trust in the safety of your soul’s embrace.  When you breathe and center your energies you help balance the chaos that is permeating the air.

You may feel guided to eat lighter and rest more.  Follow the wisdom of your body as it will speak to you in subtle ways and then more loudly if you do not listen.  When you take care of yourself it anchors the energy of peace on the planet.  Image your world if everyone listened to their body and practiced self-love.  Peace would prevail.

You are taught to do, do do and go, go, go.  Your modern technology has helped you forget the rhythms of the earth, the moon and stars.  Look to the moon with its waxing and waning.  It will show you the way of dark and light.  The dark moon is the time to go within, gather your resources and plant your seeds.  The full moon beckons you to shine your light for the world to see and reap the harvest of your planted dreams.

Only you can bring peace to the world.  Begin by closing your eyes . . . now take a deep breath in. . . now let it go. . . Ahhhhhh.  Notice how quickly you can release the tensions of the world simply by letting that deep breath go. . .

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Inspired Vision

artist: Susan Seddon Boulet

I was journaling this morning and asking my Spirit Guide Mother why I got sucked back into a place of longing and despair.  I was doing so well and then before I knew it I was lost.  Here is a poem I wrote about that journey.

Mother responded in this way:

You are never alone yet you see it not.  You are so easily distracted by the illusions of this world.  It is all fantasy.  Every bit of it.

What is real then, I ask?


When you dwell in your heart you can see through the veil of illusion covering your eyes.

Can we transcend illusion during our lifetime?


By listening with your heart.

By seeing with your heart.

By breathing from your heart.

By acting from your heart.

Illusion will always be a veil covering your world.  It is up to you to choose to move the veil aside and live from a place of inspired vision.

Mother is right.  I haven’t been living from my heart lately.  I’ve been so distracted by what I don’t have in my life right now that I had forgotten about the things that I do have.  I had forgotten all the things that bring me joy.  Choosing joy over pain seems like such a simple thing . . .

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When It Hurts To Breathe

every breath hurtsHave you ever had so much grief it was hard to breathe?  That’s what it feels like in my life right now.  I am still grieving the loss of a relationship that ended months ago.  I have had relationships end before but not like this.  There is no hating, no anger, no cheating, nothing.  Just the end.

It’s not quite that black and white.  There were things that did lead up to here. We still communicate and even see each other once in a while.  But it’s not like it was before.  The connection is gone.  Some vital artery has been severed and the ones that are left are not enough to pump life back into this once beating heart.

I know this grief goes deeper than the end of a romance.  I feel I am truly grieving everything I have ever lost right now.  This may sound strange but 10 days ago I started an elimination diet with daily lymphatic brushing.  I have been deeply detoxing body, mind and soul.  It has been an intense 10 days with the loss of our beloved Prince, PMS, Peri-menopause, my son leaving for the peace corp soon, people I love in crisis, career changes, and the grief goes on . . .

When I step back from my emotions and just observe them for a moment I can see how this experience is healing me.  When a person feels everything so intensely that can be difficult to do.  The stepping back that is.

I believe emotions can get stuck in the body if not dealt with.  Over the past 18 months I have gained 20 pounds and a whole lot of cellulite.  My Guidance tells me that much of that is unprocessed emotions.  Now that I am losing the weight and the cellulite the grief is coming up from where I had buried it.  My joints, my fat cells, my organs are all releasing the past.

Astrologically there are 5 planets in retrograde happening now.  When one planet is in retrograde it can be tough.  When there are 5 . . . well that hasn’t occurred in a decade.  I think of planetary  retrogrades as opportunities to go backwards in time and look at what may be hidden deep in the cells of my being.  This process isn’t fun yet it is purposeful.  If I am hiding from myself then I can never truly experience love.

That is what I want.  Love of self, love of another, and to love all beings deeply.  So that is why I do this.  Not because I like pain, because I really don’t.  But because I want love.  Real.  Unconditional.  Love.  And, that is what I will receive.

And, so it is.

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Mindful Eating: Aligning With Sustenance

blog_mindfulnessI’m fed up.  I’m fed up with all the supplements on my counter and in my cupboards that are half full or have a couple of tablets left in them.  I don’t want to toss them because the damn things cost so much!  I’m actually embarrassed by the amount of supplemental detritus I have.

This angst has brought me to an experiment I am conducting energetically aligning with food.  What would happen if I sat for a couple of breaths before I ate a meal, a snack or drank a cup of tea?  What would happen if I opened up my body and felt the nutritional energy of each bite or sip before I consumed it?  These past couple of days I’ve done just that.  I’ve slowed down and opened my body to the nutrients in the food I’ve been eating.  I’ve noticed how some foods have a faster or higher vibration than others.  Some foods feel “empty” while others feel chock full of nutrients.

Once I start to chew the food I invite my body to absorb the nutrients in it and ask those nutrients to go to all the places that the body needs.  I’m not sure what the result of this experiment will be.  The intention is to get the nutrients my body needs from the food I eat and not from a pill.

I wonder if when I eat unconsciously if that inhibits the body from absorbing nutrients efficiently?  I do know that when I over eat my stomach will ache and my liver will hurt.  I will keep you posted with any observations I make as result of this practice.  I would love to hear about your experiences if you’ve done a similar test yourself.

Disclaimer:  This post is not intended to diagnose or change your mind about taking supplements.  We all need to do what we need to do.  Ask your health care provider or even better your Inner Guidance System before making any changes to your diet or supplementation practice.

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How To Quickly Tap Into Your Intuition

imagesI’ve heard it time and time again, from my guides, that is.

To quiet the mind lengthen the breath.  

Being a yogi and a psychic you would think I would get this by now.  But no, I need reminders too.  Before I begin my yoga practice or am in a healing session with a client, I begin to breathe.  The breath slows my mind down and connects me to Source.  It is from there I can listen for the messages from my soul.

Here is a brief primer on how to lengthen your breath so you can hear your intuition.

Before you begin this technique write out/or hold a question in your mind you are needing more clarity on.  Then let us begin . . .

Close your eyes and lengthen your spine. 

Become aware of  your sitting bones if on your bum or your feet if standing.  Bringing attention to these areas helps you become more grounded and present in your body. 

Begin by taking long, slow deep breaths in through the nose and out through the nose.  Do this for several breaths

Become aware of the beat of your heart. 

As you inhale count four beats of your heart.  As you exhale count 5 beats.  Continue this cycle for several breaths. 

Next, Inhale for 5 beats of your heart and exhale for 6 beats.  Continue this cycle for several breaths. You can add more heart beats as you are comfortable.  Do this for as long as you like.

Open your eyes. 

Notice how you feel more grounded and centered in your whole being after breathing this way.  Now you can ask your questions of your intuition.  You may have already received the answer on the breath.  If you have not received clarity to your question allow your intuition to speak to you over the next few hours or even days.  Trust that the answers will come . . .

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What is Soul? Part 1

art by Rebecca Schweiger

In wanting to understand my self and the purpose of Soul in my life I asked Soul some questions.

What is Soul?

The essence of self.

Of course, I had to look up the words essence and self.  Here is what I discovered.

Essence according to Webster’s Dictionary is:

Function: noun

1 : the basic nature of a thing : the quality or qualities that make a thing what it is <the essence of love is unselfishness>

Self according to Wikipedia is:

The self is the subject of one’s own experience of phenomena: perception, emotions, thoughts. In phenomenology, it is conceived as what experiences, and there isn’t any experiencing without an experiencer, the self. The self is therefore an “immediate given”, an intrinsic dimension of the fact of experiencing phenomena. In some other trends of philosophy, the self is instead seen as requiring a reflexive perception of oneself, the individual person, meaning the self in such a view is an object of consciousness.

So, then, Soul is that quality that makes me, my self, who and what I am?


art by Greg Sobel
art by Greg Sobel

If Soul if the very nature of Me why do I often feel so disconnected from Soul?

It is impossible to be disconnected from Soul.

I beg to differ.  I have felt lost these past few days, without any guidance from Soul.

We have been here the whole time.  Your fear muted our voice.

Why are you using the plural here?

Soul is not unique in the context of individuality.  Soul is All One.  Soul is connected to All That Is and All That Is is Everywhere and Everything.

Your getting a little woo woo for me here.  No wonder I press the mute button.

If you only knew and could feel that you are never alone and We are All One you would never be afraid again.

I’ve heard all this before . . .

Yet, you have never embraced it.  Why is that?

Because I’m afraid I will lose my individuality.  I’m afraid I will no longer be me.  I’m afraid I’ll never be the same again.

What has sameness gotten you?

art by Leva Daniels
art by Leva Daniels

Not very far.  That’s for damn sure.  I feel stuck in fear.

How do you recommend I embrace this concept?

A concept is a construct of the mind.  Allow your heart to feel.

I’m so afraid.



Yes.  We’ll keep it simple.  When ever you are afraid, breathe. 

I can do that.

Yet, you don’t.

That’s true.  I know the power of the breath yet I continually hold it.  I’m afraid of change and I know that breathing deeply is about trust.  I have to allow and trust to really bring the breath deep into my body.

Yes.  For the next few days focus on your breath.  When ever you are afraid breathe deeply.  Notice how your life changes.

o.k., I’m willing to experiment here.  Can We continue this conversation in the future.

Of course!  We are always here.

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