How Trying Keeps Us Stuck

hamster-wheelI have been trying all my life.  For as long as I can remember I have been trying.  Trying to be good enough.  Trying to make enough money.  Trying to be more evolved.  Trying, trying, trying!  The problem with trying is that it doesn’t get us anywhere.  Trying begets more trying which begets more trying.  You get the idea.  Yoda was right when he said,  “Do or do not.  There is no try!”

What started this train of thought was my blog post about Grace.  In that post, I channeled a message from the Divine.  The post talks about resting in the arms of the Divine and allowing the Divine to take over for awhile.  The thought of that made me weep.   That is when I realized I am trying so hard all the time.  I rarely give the Divine a chance to hold me up.  All my life I have wanted someone to take care of me so I could rest for awhile.  The problem with that is I was asking that of the men in my life.  What an enormous burden that must have been.  I thinks its time to let go and rest in the arms of the Divine today.  I wonder what will happen when I do. . .

Lebonon Hills 10.22.17 with Della-2
Photo Credit: Linda Reed

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The Bigger Picture

change-begins-with-meDear Ones,

Do not be alarmed by the outcome of your election.  Whom ever you voted for trust that the highest good is in store for the planet.  You are not alone.  Even the darkest of nights can hold the most promising futures.  We invite you to look within and find the love in your heart.  Change, in all its forms, is a good thing.  You wanted change and you got it.  It may or may not be in the human body you voted for but change is upon you.  Embrace it.  Now is the time to shine your light brightly.  Now is the time to breathe deep, go within and love yourself.  Change begins with you.

Here are some suggestions to “be the change”:

  • breathe deeply
  • spend time in nature
  • connect with your animal friends
  • play with your kids
  • make love
  • take long delicious baths
  • cook and share a meal with your loved ones
  • have fun

All of these suggestions are to bring you into the present moment.  Fear is simply anxiety about the future.  Practice Presence.  It can be as simple as noticing the freckles on your child’s nose or smelling the fragrance of a flower.  Any time you bring yourself back into the NOW moment you empower yourself.  True power comes from within.

Remember the opportunity in every situation that occurs.  What will you choose:  Love or fear?

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We Are The Reflection. . .

A message from my Spirit Guide Mother 4652653bc2b64c9651ac28b21d897442.

Hello Dear Ones,


My message is of peace this day.  You are coming close to a time of decision.  You think your decision needs to be about who will be your next leader.  Your choices are but a reflection of your times.  The leaders to be present them self in the most obvious of forms for your self-reflection.  One is a child in a mans body.  He represents your collective intellect.  He so desperately wants to be the king of the mountain that he pushes all the other kids out of the way to get there.  The other is a man in a woman’s body.  She represents your spiritual evolution.  She is showing you how the masculine is still out of balance on your world.    I do not say these things to offend but to have you look more closely at yourself.  Because, in the end, no matter who becomes your new leader it all comes down to who you are and not who they are.


Who you are becomes the collective reflection.  To bring the change you are so desperately clambering for look within.  Your great sage Ghandi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  No wiser words have been said. . .

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I’m Gonna Get “Weird” Here

In the past few days a new guide has come into my field.  Her name is Mother and she comes from the Pleiades.  I have never connected with someone like her before and I am honestly a little nervous to share with you her message.  Feeling very strongly that I must share here goes.

sacred-threshold-3Energy from the Sun is impacting Earth now.  You are being bombarded with negative ions that are affecting your central nervous system.  Not only the physical body is being affected by this energy but Earth’s body is as well.  You are being upgraded energetically and it is affecting every molecule of your being.  This “upgrade” may bring about a dark night of the soul for some.  All of your hidden spaces are being exposed to the light.  This is so you no longer hide your light from yourself and the world.  There may be discomfort during this process.  This upgrade can take the next three months to unfold.  Be patient with your body as it may protest at first as it adjusts to the new frequencies.  Your body and mind will ask for rest.  Listen to that.  Sea salt baths may help with the integration process of this upgrade.

I did look up to see if there was any science behind this and could not find any strong confirmations for you.  I do know that negative ions help us to feel healthier and more vibrant.  My sense is that this energy is being transmitted because most of us spend so much time indoors theses days.  Negative ions occur naturally around water, especially water falls.  Have you ever noticed how wonderful you feel after sitting by a body of water?

Why is this happening?  The more light we can hold in our body the less room for fear to thrive.

My personal journey has challenged me these past few months on every level.  All those scary places within are being brought to the surface and I can not unsee them!  This has brought about much discomfort both emotionally and physically.  As much as I want to be out in the world I want to hide just as much.  I sense this new guide will coax me out from under my covers over time.

Feel free to share if you are experiencing any challenges now.  It’s nice to know we are not alone.  I am hearing from others that symptoms can include:

  • extra heat in the body
  • thirst
  • stiffness
  • anger/frustration
  • depression/anxiety
  • extreme fear

I am offering hands on healing through the end of the year for donation.  This may help integrate the new energies more gracefully.  This can be done remotely but I prefer seeing you in person.  Each session is a half hour.  Hands on healing can include:

  • Chakra Balancing
  • Aura Cleasing
  • Sound Healing:  drum/toning/tuning fork
  • Body~Mind Attunements

I do want to say that this message does not bypass the need to seek confirmation from your health care provider if that is appropriate for you.  Always follow your intuition about body/mind symptoms that are occurring.

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Divine Nobility

art by Susson Seddon Boulet
art by Susan Seddon Boulet

This is a message from my Spirit Guide Grandfather given at my most recent Psychic Salon.

You are Divine Nobility.  It is time to stop thinking of yourself as small.  Embrace who you really are.  Embody the essence of nobility in how you carry yourself, in how you walk, in how you talk, in how you stand, in how you feel.  When you carry yourself in this way it shows others how you feel about you.  As you have heard from others before when you shine your light others have permission to shine their light too.

This is not a posture of arrogance or dominance.  This is a posture of self-worth.  There is so much self-loathing in your world.  Be a model of nobility and change the world with your carriage.  You can affect how others feel about themselves by how you demonstrate how you feel about you.

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What is Soul? Part 1

art by Rebecca Schweiger

In wanting to understand my self and the purpose of Soul in my life I asked Soul some questions.

What is Soul?

The essence of self.

Of course, I had to look up the words essence and self.  Here is what I discovered.

Essence according to Webster’s Dictionary is:

Function: noun

1 : the basic nature of a thing : the quality or qualities that make a thing what it is <the essence of love is unselfishness>

Self according to Wikipedia is:

The self is the subject of one’s own experience of phenomena: perception, emotions, thoughts. In phenomenology, it is conceived as what experiences, and there isn’t any experiencing without an experiencer, the self. The self is therefore an “immediate given”, an intrinsic dimension of the fact of experiencing phenomena. In some other trends of philosophy, the self is instead seen as requiring a reflexive perception of oneself, the individual person, meaning the self in such a view is an object of consciousness.

So, then, Soul is that quality that makes me, my self, who and what I am?


art by Greg Sobel
art by Greg Sobel

If Soul if the very nature of Me why do I often feel so disconnected from Soul?

It is impossible to be disconnected from Soul.

I beg to differ.  I have felt lost these past few days, without any guidance from Soul.

We have been here the whole time.  Your fear muted our voice.

Why are you using the plural here?

Soul is not unique in the context of individuality.  Soul is All One.  Soul is connected to All That Is and All That Is is Everywhere and Everything.

Your getting a little woo woo for me here.  No wonder I press the mute button.

If you only knew and could feel that you are never alone and We are All One you would never be afraid again.

I’ve heard all this before . . .

Yet, you have never embraced it.  Why is that?

Because I’m afraid I will lose my individuality.  I’m afraid I will no longer be me.  I’m afraid I’ll never be the same again.

What has sameness gotten you?

art by Leva Daniels
art by Leva Daniels

Not very far.  That’s for damn sure.  I feel stuck in fear.

How do you recommend I embrace this concept?

A concept is a construct of the mind.  Allow your heart to feel.

I’m so afraid.



Yes.  We’ll keep it simple.  When ever you are afraid, breathe. 

I can do that.

Yet, you don’t.

That’s true.  I know the power of the breath yet I continually hold it.  I’m afraid of change and I know that breathing deeply is about trust.  I have to allow and trust to really bring the breath deep into my body.

Yes.  For the next few days focus on your breath.  When ever you are afraid breathe deeply.  Notice how your life changes.

o.k., I’m willing to experiment here.  Can We continue this conversation in the future.

Of course!  We are always here.

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A Conversation With Soul: A Diamond Being Forged

6a00d834a308ee69e201a3fcb44769970bI asked my IGS (Internal Guidance System) or Soul Self this morning why I was continuing to experience extreme physical symptoms.  It seems that just when I have one symptom cleared another pops up.  Here is the message I was given today.

Your physical symptoms are in direct response to your evolution in consciousness.  The more “emotional baggage” you release the lighter the body becomes.  You literally open the body to receive more light.  That can be a painful process as the body carries so much density. 

Imagine you are looking directly into the sun.  When you do so the light hurts your eyes.  You are taught to believe that light is all rainbows and fairy tales.  Light is strength.  Just like the diamond is the strongest element on Earth you are formed in the same way.  A diamond is created under extreme pressure and heat.  Do you see what we mean now?

Trust your body to know what it is doing.  As long as you continue to listen to your body and take care of its needs it will support you.  Let go of the idea that the body is betraying you.  It is evolving along with your consciousness.  Be patient as the physical journey to consciousness is more challenging than the rest.

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