I’ve Got This

af41c724f51bb97447794e045a07a73fLast night I dreamed I was riding on a bus with my boyfriend Hugh Jackman.  I felt the need to go for a run so I jumped off the bus and careened down this hill onto a path that led into the woods.  Once on the path it went from daylight to darkness.  These woods were very creepy looking.   I had been here many times before and I remember how frightened I had been each time I arrived at this place.

This time it was different.  I wasn’t afraid.  I leaned down to pick up a small stuffed animal that was laying on the ground and my surroundings immediately became illuminated.  I could see that the forest was still very scary looking but I had no fear.  I knew I had been here before and that I always made it through to the daylight again.

On the other side of the forest was a room filled with homeless people.  They were listless and stared off into space.  I offered them rice crispy treats and they perked up and seemed happy.

When I awoke I immediately knew this dream was a message from my subconscious that “I’ve got this”.  I have been here before and I can do this.  “This” being the major move I have just made.  Yesterday I moved from the Twin Cities where I have lived for the past 30 years to Ashland, WI.  In many way’s I’m entering the unknown (dark scary forest).   But I have the light within me to see me through to the other side.

I feel the homeless people represent how many of us seem lost right now.  The work I do offers sustenance (rice crispy treat) and reminds us of the sweetness of life.

I would love to hear any insights you may have to this dream.  Please feel free to share your interpretation with me here.

Kisses That Taste Sweet Like Forgiveness

8848fe7c7611ad562d57b22ffc1f0692The other night I dreamed I yelled at my son.  He had left the stove on after he had cooked something and left me with the mess.  After yelling at him I hugged and kissed him.  He pulled away and said my kiss tasted like forgiveness.  I said I do forgive you.  He said no, my kiss, actually tasted sweet like forgiveness.

There is a profound message in this dream that my logical mind can’t wrap itself around.  Yet understanding pulses through my entire being.

I sense that is the point of the dream.  Forgiveness is not something that can be accomplished through the logical or intellectual mind.  Forgiveness comes from the heart and the soul and is felt deep in the body.

Della is a healer, yogi, writer, and artist.  You can find out more about her services here.