A Healer’s #MeToo Tale

Della Stones 06.09.17 (30 of 34)
Photo Credit:  Linda Reed

One day, many years ago, a young man called me up to schedule a healing session.  I was pretty new to the business and didn’t have any criteria for who I would and wouldn’t take as a client.

I let the man up into the room I used for sessions and I began to set sacred space.  What happens during these initial few moments is I open myself up energetically and psychically to the person I am assisting.  This is a very vulnerable time as all my defenses are down so I can “hear” the messages that are coming through from Spirit.  This is usually done with eyes closed but this time I peeked to check in to see how my client was doing.  I noticed his eyes were closed and he had his hand in his lap and he was gently thrusting his pelvis into his hand.  I doubted what I was seeing so I asked him if he was all right and he said yes.  I continued on with my invocation and started to bring him through a guided visualization.  I peeked at him again and noticed that now he had a bulge in his pants and he was obviously rubbing himself.  I told him he had to leave and to pay me for my time.  Of course, he said he left his wallet in his car and I never saw the likes of him again.

For days after I felt as if I had been raped both energetically and financially.    I was so angry at my Spirit Guide for not warning me.  I couldn’t understand how someone could take advantage in that way.  I rarely take men as clients as a result of this experience.

I resisted telling this story.  I didn’t want to be just another of the many.  And, would it really matter in the end?  Then I realized there are many of us who serve as healers and empaths of the world and what we feel energically can scar us just as much as if we were physically assaulted.  So, with great sadness today I say #metoo.  This sadness isn’t for me.  This sadness is for all the women who have to be on guard at work or simply walking down the street.  We can not be our authentic selves and live behind the walls we have to erect to survive our daily experience.  When will we be able to say #NotMe?

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