The Drowning

4530646it crept upon me unawares
this longing for you

i was doing so well

could see the shore
in the distance

catching me
in its wake

me under

before i knew. . .

i was drowning

so preoccupied with
thinking you

coming back

that i lost my joy

lost my self

lost my


My Naked Heart


My naked heart . . . grieves,
for lost lovers

My naked heart . . . sings,
for the joys of birth

My naked heart . . . longs,
for the sweetness of forgiveness

My naked heart . . . breathes,
in the fragrance of life

My naked heart . . . opens,
to the softness of love

My naked heart . . . weeps,
for the lost and the broken

My naked heart . . . lives,
each day with abandon

My naked heart . . . is,
without end . . .

What is Joy

Beautiful smiling cute baby

What is joy?  According to Webster’s dictionary joy is the emotion that is focused on well-being.  Simply stated we feel good.  Joy transcends the physical and moves us into the realm of energy.  It is in this realm that we can change our physical experience.  Let us take a moment to imagine something that taps us into the feeling of joy.  This can be a memory from your past or taking some time now to look into the eyes of your beloved, whether that be a child, a pet or a lover.  Begin by taking some deep breaths in and out.  Now call up the feeling of joy.  Where do you feel joy in your body?

Close your eyes and bring your hands to your heart space.  Focus the energy there.  Keep breathing deeply.  The breath will help to disperse the joy throughout your body.  Now move your hands an inch or two away from the body.  Do you feel a pulse, a vibration or pressure emanating from your heart space?  This is the non physical energy of joy. Our physical world is made up of energy which has manifested into form.  When we access non physical energy we can transcend the limitations of our physical world.  Whether or not you can feel the energy at this point does not change its existence.

Now remove your hands and visualize the energy from your heart space spreading out to fill the room you are in.   Sit with that for a few more breaths.  If you wish you can spread the joy out into the town you live in or even as far as the entire planet.  You can visualize this joy spreading out to your family and friends.  You can even visualize the energy of joy covering over a difficult situation or person in your life.  From this space you can change your world.

When you are ready open your eyes.  Take this joy into your day.

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