The Crucible: A Poem

kintsugi+heartthis is a
cautionary tale
of love and loss

it goes like this . . .

my love was a gift
that was cast aside

by one
who didn’t want it or
need it

I wrote the play
that he starred in

he played his part
quite well
for a little while

until the role
no longer fit

I could have seen this early on
if only I was looking
in all the right places

I only saw
what I wanted
to see. . .

his actions spoke louder
than words
but I could only hear
the words

I clung to the words
and let
the actions
slip through

the cracks
in my heart

that were there

ever met

our time together
was both
a gift
and a crucible

I see how I set the show
in motion and how I rushed
it along to the end.

I no longer write
stories for
lovers I’ve never met

yet my eyes are
wide open
and even my

I can thank
him for that

all good things . . .

The Drowning

4530646it crept upon me unawares
this longing for you

i was doing so well

could see the shore
in the distance

catching me
in its wake

me under

before i knew. . .

i was drowning

so preoccupied with
thinking you

coming back

that i lost my joy

lost my self

lost my


My Naked Heart


My naked heart . . . grieves,
for lost lovers

My naked heart . . . sings,
for the joys of birth

My naked heart . . . longs,
for the sweetness of forgiveness

My naked heart . . . breathes,
in the fragrance of life

My naked heart . . . opens,
to the softness of love

My naked heart . . . weeps,
for the lost and the broken

My naked heart . . . lives,
each day with abandon

My naked heart . . . is,
without end . . .