The Snake Ring – A Menopause Tale

snake ring 2To say I have struggled with symptoms of menopause over the past 2-1/2 years is an understatement.   I have even called one friend in tears and used the word suffering.  I am not a sufferer by nature so this was a big deal for me to admit how hard of a time I was having.

I had experienced peri-menopause for the past 10 years so I wasn’t surprised when the symptoms of menopause hit one cold January day with warm flushes that started slowly, an increasing warmth as it traveled up my body.  I had a sense of excitement as I was proud to begin my journey into cronehood.  I have always resonated with the image of Crone.  Not the old, dried up version but the empowered, magical Crone.  A wise woman who knows herself.

It was easy for me to be in that space as it was January and warmth in January is a good thing.  As the weeks and months wore on my symptoms increased.  I no longer felt a sense of pride in becoming a crone I just wanted the ordeal to be over.  When menopause started that January day I thought this would be a few months journey, maybe a year of symptoms and then my periods would stop and I would have ascended into my Wise Self into Crone Woman.  Nope.

I’m still struggling, crying, cursing and gnashing my teeth that my periods haven’t stopped yet.  I don’t think I would mind so much if they were on their once regular 28 day cycle.  Now my periods can be days and weeks over due.  That too would be alright but that often means that PMS will hang on until I bleed.  I have been known to beg my body to bleed so the PMS would end.

I know this seems dramatic and it is.  They don’t call it The Change for nothin’!  In the past 2-1/2 years I’ve ended a long term romantic relationship and found a new love.  I’ve moved, changed jobs, let go of friendships that were no longer working and found my voice.  I am discovering a new me by letting go of that which no longer serves who I really am.  I don’t let go easily.  There is usually kicking and screaming and often times blood is drawn along the way.

As, once again, I  await on Woman Who Bleeds to show herself the symptoms of PMS keep me company.  I am at a place in my journey that when Crazy Woman arrives I surrender to myself.  I go deep within and I ask for help.  Being closely connected to nature that help will often show up in the form of symbolism.  This time it is Snake Medicine.  In the past week I have dreamed of snakes, taken a Facebook quiz where snake showed up as my animal helper and had a vision of snakes filling my body while working with a healer.

Snake is a the perfect helper for women going through The Change.  Snakes shed their skin and we as women shed our old selves during this time in our lives.  This shedding prepares us for our wisdom days so that we can show up as leaders, healers and role models for our families, friends, and communities.  During my vision I knew I was to find a piece of jewelry to wear that was to remind me of my sacred journey.  Menopause is a sacred journey and thinking of it as such seems to ease my PMS symptoms.  The snake vision gave me a sense of peace that I was doing something of importance and a knowing that this journey isn’t in vain.

While attending the Minnesota Renaissance Festival I found my ring.  I’ve been wearing my snake ring every day since I found her.  Snake helps me to stay strong when Crazy Woman is present.  I know this woman intimately.  I no longer see her as a destroyer but as a builder.  I need her help to find the strength within me to be my wise self.  She does not suffer fools, has very little patience and is not apologetic.  She fights fiercely on my behalf.  She has always been there since I became Woman Who Bleeds.  I have tried to hide her all these years.  She will no longer be pushed down under the programming of female passivity.  I welcome her as she is my teacher and my guide until I fully become Crone Woman.snake ringDella is a healer, teacher, artist and writer.  You can find out more about her here.

Don’t Resist The Resistance

Life-is-a-series-of-natural-and-spontaneous-changes.-Lao-TzuThis is what a very wise friend told me a couple of weeks ago:  Don’t resist the resistance.  I was telling her about some resistance I was struggling with due to some challenging symptoms of menopause.  That is when she shared these words with me. I’ve used these words as a mantra since and I find it incredibly liberating.  I use to feel shame for my resistance.  As a spiritual being I’d like to think I can face change head on.  That is often not the case  Now I can see resistance as a harbinger of transformation.
I am at a place where I can welcome this change in my body now.  I first have to acknowledge my resistance and then I can open to those things to come.  Resistance isn’t a bad thing.  If we aren’t feeling resistance then we can miss the messages our mind and our body is trying to tell us. Resistance is information.  It tells us that something is wanting to change within our being.  The key for me is to acknowledge that it is there and not to fight it.  That gives me the awareness to move beyond resistance to the next step of the journey . . . change.
Della is a psychic healer, intuitive yoga teacher, soul artist and blogger.  You can find out more about her services at her website.

Urban Adventure – Finding Nature In The City

160-mearsUrban adventurer.  That is what someone called me today as I was walking on the rocks and in the stream in Mears Park today.

You see, I needed nature and I needed it bad!  Mears Park is a man-made park that fills a block in the city in Lower Town Saint Paul.  It’s pretty much the only nature in all down town Saint Paul.  It’s a small space but it is lovely.  There are flowers and trees and my life’s blood, which is water.

Today’s been rough.  I’m going through hormonal changes (journey into menopause) and some days I can barely function.  I woke up this morning and I just didn’t want to do anything.  Right before my period (when I do get it these days) I often have extreme PMS.  Today is one of those days.  My body bloats up to inhuman proportions, all I want to do is eat salt and chocolate, and my mind dips its toes into crazy land.

As I was sinking deeper and deeper into negativity I decided I had better move my body.  I knew I needed nature and not wanting to drive I walked to the closest place to me which is Mears Park.  I began by sitting on some rocks by the little stream that runs through the park.  Then I put my feet in the water.  Then I decided I would walk on the rocks that lined the edge of the stream.  As I came upon a tree I would run my hand up and down its bark in communion.  Trees have always been my friend.  One of my spirit names is Dashana which means One With Trees.

A gentleman observing me on this tiny sojourn was the one who called me an urban adventurer.  I wish I could say I feel completely shifted after this walk. But I do feel better and that is a much nicer place to be than the muck I was dwelling in before.

Nature is a gift.  I am grateful for its healing properties.  Even the smallest spaces of nature can bring us love and healing if we let it.  Can you find your urban adventure in a city near you?

Della is a psychic and a healer.  You can find out more about her here.