Mindful Eating: A Melon

The first thing I notice about the beautiful melon I am about to eat is the color. It reminds me of the creamsicles I used to eat as a child. As I stab my fork into one of the chunks, I can feel the resistance as it slides down into its flesh. I bring the fork up to my nose and inhale deeply. I close my eyes and try to pick out the individual scents that make up the whole. I can feel the coldness of it against my skin as I bring the fork closer to my mouth. There is just a hint of sweetness on my tongue because this one isn’t very ripe. I place the melon into my mouth and slowly chew. I am aware that this melon tastes much like it smells, like summer. This experience reminds me of my youth and hot, hazy days when I spent more time outside than inside.  As I swallow, another deeper taste lingers on the back of my tongue, sweetness, and even a slight tartness. I breathe in and savor the experience.

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