The Bigger Picture

change-begins-with-meDear Ones,

Do not be alarmed by the outcome of your election.  Whom ever you voted for trust that the highest good is in store for the planet.  You are not alone.  Even the darkest of nights can hold the most promising futures.  We invite you to look within and find the love in your heart.  Change, in all its forms, is a good thing.  You wanted change and you got it.  It may or may not be in the human body you voted for but change is upon you.  Embrace it.  Now is the time to shine your light brightly.  Now is the time to breathe deep, go within and love yourself.  Change begins with you.

Here are some suggestions to “be the change”:

  • breathe deeply
  • spend time in nature
  • connect with your animal friends
  • play with your kids
  • make love
  • take long delicious baths
  • cook and share a meal with your loved ones
  • have fun

All of these suggestions are to bring you into the present moment.  Fear is simply anxiety about the future.  Practice Presence.  It can be as simple as noticing the freckles on your child’s nose or smelling the fragrance of a flower.  Any time you bring yourself back into the NOW moment you empower yourself.  True power comes from within.

Remember the opportunity in every situation that occurs.  What will you choose:  Love or fear?

Della is a channel, healer, and hypnosis facilitator.  You can find out more about her here.

The Peace Bringer

breath-of-life-1Today’s message from my Spirit Guide Mother:

Today is a good day to get quiet and go within.  Trust in the safety of your soul’s embrace.  When you breathe and center your energies you help balance the chaos that is permeating the air.

You may feel guided to eat lighter and rest more.  Follow the wisdom of your body as it will speak to you in subtle ways and then more loudly if you do not listen.  When you take care of yourself it anchors the energy of peace on the planet.  Image your world if everyone listened to their body and practiced self-love.  Peace would prevail.

You are taught to do, do do and go, go, go.  Your modern technology has helped you forget the rhythms of the earth, the moon and stars.  Look to the moon with its waxing and waning.  It will show you the way of dark and light.  The dark moon is the time to go within, gather your resources and plant your seeds.  The full moon beckons you to shine your light for the world to see and reap the harvest of your planted dreams.

Only you can bring peace to the world.  Begin by closing your eyes . . . now take a deep breath in. . . now let it go. . . Ahhhhhh.  Notice how quickly you can release the tensions of the world simply by letting that deep breath go. . .

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What Is Service?

6992839-mood-flower-daisy-smileI’ve contemplated this lately. I had listened to some podcasts with Marianne Williamson and Seane Corn and it got me to thinking am I doing enough?  These two great ladies contribute much to the world.  The work I do is service oriented yet I get paid for it.  Does that count as service if I get paid for it?

Last night I dreamed I was called on to help a young woman relax before an important task she was called on to accomplish for humanity.  I walked up to her and the young man who was to assist her and introduced myself.  I said my name is Della and I will be your servant for the rest of the evening.  I was stating that I would be of service to them for the time being.  It was my choice and gift to them both.  I proceeded to feed the young woman with my hands and then I gave her a foot rub.  I awoke from the dream knowing the answer to my questions around the meaning of service.

Service can be as large as being an activist for women’s rights or as easy as a smile to the homeless man on the street.  I was getting caught up in thinking that service work had to be big.  Service is how we show up in our daily life.  It can include volunteering for a cause that you or passionate about but doesn’t need to be only that.  When I smile at the homeless man on the street and I acknowledge his humanness I am in service.  When I post something life affirming on social media I am being in service.  When I listen to a friend in need I am being in service.  When I pick up the trash in the park that someone before me dropped I am being of service.  When I am at peace I am being of service to the world.

How are you already being of service in your daily life?

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Free Yourself From Unhealthy Attachments


When I was in my twenties I met a man whom I felt deeply connected to.  He, unfortunately, did not have the same feelings for me.  My logic told me I needed to let go of the fantasy of a romantic relationship with him but I couldn’t seem to.  I became obsessed and I knew I needed help to free myself from this obsession.  I intuitively knew that traditional therapies would not help me.  I went to a psychic instead.

This wonderful woman taught me a technique called de-cording.  She used guided visualization to safely help me release the negative attachments to my obsession.  After our session I was not bothered with the fantasy of being with this man again.  It was during this process that my psychic gifts appeared.  They were buried deep within myself waiting for an opportunity to come forth.  De-cording is what awakened them.  Not everyone will have a dramatic response like I did.  You will feel lighter though and more able to get on with your life.

Each of us connects with one another on an energetic basis every time we interact.  When we smile at someone we meet on the street we energetically connect to that person.  Those connections are loving and do not affect us in a negative way.

When we are in more personal relationships those energetic connections go even deeper.  When the relationship has dissolved sometimes those connections stay intact and they start to drain us, especially when the other person becomes abusive.

These negative attachments can come in the guise of a family member who keeps taking and taking, a co-worker who keeps bothering you or even your own child.  It’s not about ending those relationships (unless that is what is in the highest good) but changing the dynamics of the relationship through the process of de-cording.

With the process of de-cording you can:

  • find relief from haunting thoughts
  • reclaim the energy that may be draining you
  • re-establish healthy energetic cords with those you are still involved with

Questions to ask yourself?

Have you ended a relationship, yet are still constantly thinking about the other person?

Has a telephone conversation with a friend left you exhausted?

Do you avoid a family member or work associate because they bring you “down”?

These are symptoms of negative energetic attachments (cords).

Something To Try:

Imagine you are in a light filled room surrounded by angels.  You are sitting in a chair.   In the chair opposite of you is the person you would like to de-cord from.  (You may want to experiment first with a relatively easy relationship.)  Begin by taking some deep breaths to fill your whole being with light.  Now imagine that there are cords coming from the other person to you.  Sometimes these cords look like rope, sometimes like weeds.  I’ve even see them look like appliance plug ins.  If you can not see the cords you may simply “know” that they are there and where they are in your body.   Invite your angels to come in to begin to dissolve the cords between you.  Imagine all the spaces where these cords once were as filled with light. 

Now image that there are cords coming from you to the person you are de-cording from.  Start calling those cords back like you would draw in a fishing line.  As the cords come back to you see them dissolve into light as well.  Double check your body for any more cords between you and your de-cording partner.  Check your back as well as your feet and the top of your head.  This is to be sure that there are no lingering negative connects between the two of you. 

What remains is the loving cord that connects all of us to one another.  So if you are de-cording from a child know that this love cord will remain intact.  Only those cords that no longer serve you will be dissolved. 

The final peace/piece of  this process is forgiveness.   Holding on to anger or resentment about the other person leaves an opening for the cords to become reattached.  Forgiveness takes time.  Personally, I have to first go through the emotions of anger before I can reach forgiveness.  Very often that anger is with myself for allowing the other person to victimize me.  Once I can forgive myself I find it easy to forgive the other person.  De-cording creates energetic space between you and the individual so you can take the time you need to reach forgiveness.

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