Empath: The New Buzz Word

empath-or-highly-sensitive1First off, let’s talk about what an empath is.  An empath is a highly sensitive individual who picks up on the energies of those around them.  If you see someone in pain you can feel it.  Being in a crowd overwhelms you.  You may be sensitive to smells, foods, people, situations, and even things.  It may feel like you never want to leave the house even on a good day.

Not all empaths are created equal either.   Being an empath myself I have met people who are more sensitive and less sensitive than I am.  What bothers me may not bother you.  As a child, you may have been easily emotional and liked to spend lots of time alone.

We empaths used to be called overly emotional or “too” sensitive and it was considered a negative thing.  Now, we are being recognized for the highly intuitive beings that we are.  We are the healers of the world.  We tend to be nurturers and environmentally conscious.  We are highly creative and are often the person that is turned to when you need a shoulder to cry on.

For years, I have been reading and hearing that we as a human race will some day evolve to a place where we can communicate with one another telepathically.  Being an empath is the start of that evolution.  It’s not that an empath can read your mind but they do sense the emotions that you are emitting.  Because this is not mainstream thinking it is easy for the empath to wonder if there is something wrong with them.  We often feel like we are crazy.  We may have been medicated as children or we drank and used drugs as we got older to shut it off, never knowing what it was.  If this is you, you are not alone.

I have been one of the lucky ones.   I used drink and drugs when I was younger but that didn’t work for me.  I didn’t start to feel a measure of peace around this gift, and yes, it is a gift, until I started practicing Kundalini Yoga over 12 years ago.  Since then I have learned many ways to bring myself back into balance.   I want to share them with you.  Check out my workshop The Care & Feeding of an Empath.

How Decording Can Help You Let Go

letting-go-1Has a relationship ended yet you are still haunted by it?

Do you have thoughts that don’t feel like they belong to you?

Has a friendship outlasted its time but you don’t know how to gracefully let go?

Do you fall into the same roles in your family dynamics over and over again no matter how old you are and how much you’ve grown?

These are symptoms of negative energetic attachments (cords).

I first heard about decording when I was in my twenties.  I was stuck on a guy who wasn’t stuck on me.  You could say I was obsessed with this man.  I knew intuitively that traditional therapy wasn’t the route I was supposed to take.  I went to a psychic instead.  This wonderful woman taught me the process of decording.  Once I decorded from this man I was not bothered with the obsession again.

It was during the decording process that my psychic gifts appeared.  They were buried deep within myself waiting for an opportunity to come forth.  Decording is what awakened them.  Not everyone will have a dramatic response like I did.  You may feel a sense of freedom and relief after you decord though.

Each of us connects with one another on an energetic basis every time we interact.  When we smile at someone on the street we energetically connect.  Those connections are loving and do not affect us in a negative way.

When we are in deeper relationships those connections (cords) become stronger.  When the relationship dissolves those connections can stay intact and then start to drain us, energetically and physically.  Sometimes the relationship is with a child who keeps taking and taking.  You may not want to end the relationship but you may want to change how you relate to one another.  Decording can help you do that.

Benefits of Decording:

  • find relief from haunting thoughts
  • reclaim your sense of self
  • re-establish healthy energetic boundaries with the people in your life

Please consider coming to Della’s Decording Workshop on Saturday, October 14th.  Email me at della@innerpeacemovementstudio.com to register.  I have one on one decording sessions and telephone sessions available as well.  Find out more here.

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Like A Moth to Flame

life_advice_affairs2_0513Being an empath, I easily pick up the energy in my environment and then process it in my body.  I live down town Saint Paul so have a lot of environment to process.  I was recently reading a wonderful book by Echo Bodine called Hands That Heal.  In her book she gives a simple clearing technique that I am finding very effective.  Simply state:

Clear my body.
Clear my mind.
Clear my soul.
Thank you.

I’ve used this tool for a couple of weeks now, several times a day, and find it works great.

Della is a healer, psychic, writer, artist and recipe creator.  Find more about her services here.

What Does Your Soul Colors Look Like?

Della's Soul Colors Portrait
Della’s Soul Colors Portrait

One day I decided to paint.  I have no formal training yet haven’t let that stop me.  When I paint from my mind there is a confusing mess ending up on the canvas.  When I paint from my heart . . .  I paint what Guidance speaks through me.

Here are some of the Soul Colors Portraits I have painted for clients over the past year.  If you feel called to commission one for yourself you can find out more here.



A Beautiful Woman

il_340x270.589278134_sbufOften, while giving an intuitive reading for someone a message will come through that is meant for more than just the client.  The message that came through this day was meant for every woman on the planet.  The Goddess came through and this is what she said:

Every time you say something negative about another woman you are saying that same thing about yourself.  Every time you say something negative about another woman it affects every woman on the planet.  Every negative thought about your self affects every woman every where.

In today’s society, we are programmed to believe that we are not good enough.  Our standard of beauty is skewed by the corporations who want our money.  Unfortunately, marketing campaigns set up this unrealistic standard and then hones in on that which makes us less than the ideal.  A very clever ruse to keep us purchasing products and enslaved in negativity.

In recent months I have seen a change.  Yet, there is a long way to go.  Aerie (lingerie company) is using real women’s bodies in their Instagram campaign.  More and more celebrities are eschewing being photo shopped.  A revolution is beginning and women are at the forefront.  It is only we who can change the mindset of the masses about what beauty is.  It begins by changing our own minds first.  Loving ourselves is a process, an unfolding, and a knowing that we are more than what others think of us.

When you look in the mirror what do you say to yourself?  Can you begin to see what is beautiful about you instead of what you think of as flawed?  This has been my process of discovery too.  I, like so many women, have had to de-program myself and I am not yet completely free.  I use that word very intentionally.  The word program means:  to cause to absorb or incorporate so as to produce a specific response or reaction. 

We have bought into the program hook, line and sinker.  Only we can pull ourselves out of the depths of self-loathing that is our common thinking.  How do we do this?  By practicing self-love.  Easier said than done, I know.  That is why I use the word practice.  This is not something you do once or twice and you magically love and accept yourself.  This is a daily commitment to you.

This change can be hard as we are barraged by negative messages on an ongoing basis.  We hear these messages from our movies, our magazines, our men and even other women.  We need to stand strong if we are going to change our world.  We need to start recognizing our original and unique beauty.  Only we can define that for ourselves.  And, once we do, we need to show it to the world with pride in our sense of self.  We teach people how to define us.  From this moment forth write a new definition of who you are and fall in love with your beautiful self.

Della is a healer, teacher, an artist and a yogi.  You can find out more about her and her services here.

I am teaching a workshop on Oct. 2nd on Learning To Love Your Body.  Click here to find out more and register for the workshop.

I Am So Much More Than Enough

11659391_10206554834805373_3697776803245896396_nOn July 20th I turned 50.  Believe it or not I have waited in anticipation for this day for the past year.  I awoke my birthday morning and I knew everything had changed.  I am not sure I can even explain how and I certainly don’t know why this change came to be.  I just suddenly knew that I had arrived!  I knew that I no longer had to live my life for anyone other than myself.  Its as if a switch was flipped on and I could finally. . . be.

I now have permission to:

  • live the life I envision
  • relax
  • not concern myself with what other people think of me
  • nap . . . often and without guilt
  • appreciate my curves
  • say no
  • make mistakes
  • play
  • laugh
  • dance

You see, I have always put pressure on myself.  I have never felt I was doing enough, being enough, healed enough, spiritual enough, fit enough, etc.  You name it and I wasn’t enough.  The last few days my “not enough” voice has disappeared.  In her place there is a new voice.  She says I am beautiful.  She says I carry out exactly what I need to when I need to.  She says I am powerful and capable.  She says I am so much more than enough. . .

Again, I’m not sure why this happened exactly on my 50th birthday.  It does make sense why I have felt anticipation for my birthday’s arrival this past year.  Who wouldn’t want to let go of “not enough”? Maybe my soul programmed me to let go when I turned 50.  Who knows?  I just know I could weep with joy with the freedom I feel as a result.

I know I am moving forward into the best time of my life.  I can’t wait to see where my adventures brings me.


Della is a psychic reader and intuitive healer.  You can find out more about her and her services here.

Repairing My Net

Image63The Great Mother ever so gently pulled me out of slumber this morning with her rumbling growls and rain softly beating against my window.  Dark rainy days cause me to get quiet and go within.  The urgency to move isn’t there in the same way as when the sun shines bright.

I make myself a cup of tea and the writing muse strikes me.  She urges me two reflect on my life and the joys that emanate from my heart.

My reflections bring me to the work I have chosen this time around.  Being self-employed can be a a nerve wracking existence for those of us who live this way. Some weeks are so busy with clients that my head is spinning.  The next week might not have any clients scheduled at all.   As I have been self-employed for 23 years I have come to understand the ebb and flow of my business.

The weeks I am busy I simply hold on and enjoy the ride!  The weeks where no clients are scheduled I repair nets.  I once read in the Rune Book by Ralph Blum that when fishermen are unable to go out to sea they repair nets.   That analogy has stayed with me over the years.  Now, instead of moving into fear that nothing is happening in my business I repair nets.  What that looks like for me is I take care of the details of my life that may get pushed off to the wayside when I’m busy.  I update my website, I write, I paint, I update my accounting records (I wish!).  Riding the ebbs and flows of my life has become a peaceful existence now rather than a fear based one.  I see myself on top of those waves instead of floundering in their depths.

Are their nets in need of repair in your life?  What have you pushed off for a rainy day . . .

Della is a psychic reader and intuitive healer.  Please visit her website here for more information on her and her services.

Soul Colors Portrait: River of Compassion

painting by Della McGee
painting by Della McGee

Deep within you runs a river of compassion.  On each side of your river are experiences yet to unfold.  One sides holds challenges that are yet to be reveal themselves.  The other holds the promise of peace and prosperity.  Notice that even the challenges contain the light.  It is through compassion that you can navigate the waters of challenge with ease.  Never forget that life is meant to be experienced through duality – both light and dark reside on each bank of your river.  Compassion is the key to balance both sides of your experience.


A Soul Colors Portrait is a personal maṇḍala for your use as a tool for transformation  When we meditate on our Soul or High Self we become more aligned with our Divine Purpose  Each portrait is painted in acrylic and measures 8″ x 8″.  Della tunes into your soul and paints from that space.  She then receives a written message from Guidance about the meaning of the painting.  Each painting is unique and is used here with the clients permission.   Click here to find out how to get your own Soul Colors Portrait.

How To Quickly Tap Into Your Intuition

imagesI’ve heard it time and time again, from my guides, that is.

To quiet the mind lengthen the breath.  

Being a yogi and a psychic you would think I would get this by now.  But no, I need reminders too.  Before I begin my yoga practice or am in a healing session with a client, I begin to breathe.  The breath slows my mind down and connects me to Source.  It is from there I can listen for the messages from my soul.

Here is a brief primer on how to lengthen your breath so you can hear your intuition.

Before you begin this technique write out/or hold a question in your mind you are needing more clarity on.  Then let us begin . . .

Close your eyes and lengthen your spine. 

Become aware of  your sitting bones if on your bum or your feet if standing.  Bringing attention to these areas helps you become more grounded and present in your body. 

Begin by taking long, slow deep breaths in through the nose and out through the nose.  Do this for several breaths

Become aware of the beat of your heart. 

As you inhale count four beats of your heart.  As you exhale count 5 beats.  Continue this cycle for several breaths. 

Next, Inhale for 5 beats of your heart and exhale for 6 beats.  Continue this cycle for several breaths. You can add more heart beats as you are comfortable.  Do this for as long as you like.

Open your eyes. 

Notice how you feel more grounded and centered in your whole being after breathing this way.  Now you can ask your questions of your intuition.  You may have already received the answer on the breath.  If you have not received clarity to your question allow your intuition to speak to you over the next few hours or even days.  Trust that the answers will come . . .

Della McGee is a psychic and a certified yoga teacher.  Please visit her website at www.innerpeacemovementstudio.com

Nature Speaks To The Open Hearted

Cotton Wood TreeWhen I first came into my spiritual gifts more than 20 years ago I would go on these long walks at a park near my home.  One day as I took a path that didn’t see a lot of foot traffic a tree nymph jumped in my way.  I stopped in my tracks as this is not something that had ever happened to me before. She introduced herself and showed me her “tree”.  Her name was Naomi Daphne.  I didn’t see Naomi Daphne with my eyes but with my heart.

This began a connection with nature that I had never experienced before.  I have always loved nature but speaking with trees was not part of my skill set.

Many years went by and I moved away from that park.  I recently relocated back into the area and have begun to get re-acquainted with my old friends again.  This stand of cotton wood trees in the picture is another friend of mine.  The first time I walked up to them after many years apart I wept.  They had remembered me.  Their deep resonate voice filled me with such love I felt like I had come home.

Nature truly speaks to us in many ways.  Open up your heart to hear and feel the love that is all around.

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