Cherry Bomb Smoothie

This is one of the first recipes I posted many years ago. An oldy but a goody!  The only things I would change is stewing the cherries and then getting them cold again.  The reason being as I digest cooked fruits and veggies much more easily than raw.  I have since been turned on to powdered peanut butter too.  Less fat.  Nuf said.

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I called this the Cherry Bomb because of my little brother.  When something is good he always says “It’s the bomb!”

  • 1/2 c.  Dark Red Cherries (I used frozen)
  • 1/2  Avocado
  • 1 Tbs.  Peanut Butter
  • 1 Tbs.  Raw Cacao

Put every thing in the blender and add enough almond milk (or milk of your choice) to blend.  Because of the avocado this has a pudding like consistency.  It’s the bomb!

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Dandelion Root Iced Tea

dandelion root iced tea_FotorThis is my version of iced coffee without the coffee.


1 cup brewed dandelion root tea

1/2 cup vanilla flavored unsweetened almond milk

1  tsp. coconut palm sugar or 1 or 2 drops liquid stevia.

Brew the tea and set aside to cool.  Once the tea is cooled fill a tall glass with ice.  Fill the glass half way with the cooled tea and then add the almond milk.  Add the sugar and stir.  Enjoy!

Coconut Mango Smoothie

I love young coconuts and anything with mango in it.  This recipe is fun, easy and great for a summer morning breakfast or afternoon treat.


1 young Thai coconut

1 mango

First off, we are going to learn how to open a young Thai coconut.  (I found this video on YouTube and thought it was the best of the bunch.)

Add contents of coconut to blender.

Then we are going to peel and slice the mango and add that to the blender.  Blend ingredients until smooth.  Enjoy!

Note:  Get your ingredients for this smoothie at any local Asian store.  They tend to sell these more exotic fruits for cheaper than your local coop or grocery store can.

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Alkalizing Black Cherry Cocktail

My natropath imagesuggested I drink black cherry juice to support my spleen and here is the recipe I came up with.

4 o.z. unsweetened black cherry juice

Juice of 1/4 lemon (very alkaline balancing)

2 cubes of frozen wheat grass juice (very detoxifying and alkaline building)

Put everything in a glass and top off with purified water and you got a yummy, healthy drink!

Coconut Flax MIlk

I use a lot of alternative milks in my daily life.  My favorite is almond milk but have you ever read the ingredient list on store-bought alternative milks?  My intention for 2015 has been to eat less processed foods.  I’ve wanted to make flax milk for a while and I finally got up the gumption to do it.  I’ve made other alternative milks in the past and have never really been satisfied with them.  I wanted to make something other than almond milk as my body needs variety.  I’ve bought flax milk in the store and even though I like it, kinda . . . it’s very expensive.  Considering that flax seeds are very inexpensive compared to almonds I thought I would give it a go.  I’m quite surprised with how yummy it turned out.

coconut flax milk


1/4 cup      flax seeds
4 cups        purified water
1 cup          coconut milk (I used Trader Joe’s light).  I’ve recently began making coconut milk too!
1 tbsp.        coconut palm sugar
1 pinch       sea salt


Add flax seeds and water to blender and blend on high for about one minute.  Strain that through a sieve or through a nut bag or cheese cloth.  Add the strained milk back into the blender and add the rest of the ingredients.  Blend to combine.

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