No Yoga Mat Required

639030218b5e57555445da323b07c18cOn the rare morning that I don’t do yoga it’s because my whole being is called to the tub.  I nice hot bath, for me, is another form of meditation.  The warm water surrounds me and I feel encased as if in the womb.

I use to feel guilty when the tub’s call was louder than my yoga mat.  It wasn’t until recently that I recognized the value of the deep silence that soaking in the bath brings.  This silence is what I seek to attain through my more formal meditation practice.

I believe that whatever or where ever you can find the silence thats meditation.  Whether that be a walk in the woods, a hammock by the sea or a nice warm bath.  No yoga mat required.

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You Have Permission To Relax

3625745952_4ddd44d4c5I am irritable, pissy, moody and just plain grumpy right now.  There is so much I want to do with my days but don’t seem to have the energy to do much of anything.    Sometimes I write in my journal just to blow off steam and see what surfaces at the end of it.  Here is a message from my Soul that I thought was appropriate for all of us who live in the colder climates.

The cold weather takes its toll on the human body.  It makes you tired, irate and uncomfortable.  Winter is designed to draw you inside yourself.  Humans have forgotten to linger with the seasons.  Your constant need to drive yourself has thrown you out of balance.  Relax, read, journal, listen deeply, meditate sweetly, and rest your head upon your pillow.  Let go of your guilt and shame around wanting to follow the natural rhythm of your body and rest.  You are the only one you have to answer to.

A Conversation with Soul: The Nature of Existence

og3123201505152106318Soul:  Ask me a question?

Self:  I’m afraid you’ll answer.

Soul:  I always have your back.

Self:  Why is there so much fear in the world?

Soul:  Because you don’t understand the nature of existence.

Self:  Which is?

Soul:  Love.

Self:  How do I love?

Soul:  Be still a moment and listen to your breath.  What do you hear?

Self:  My heartbeat.

Soul:  Now listen to your breath and your heartbeat.  Take a few moments to do this.  What do you feel?

Self:  Relaxed.

Soul:  That is love.

Self:  Huh?  How can relaxation be love?

Soul:  Because fear is tension and the opposite of tension is relaxation which is love.

Self:  That sounds too simple.

Soul:  You have just discovered the root of fear. . . Your thoughts.  So to bring more love into your life relax a little more, breathe and listen to the beat of your heart.  Yes, it is that simple.

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