RuneSpeak – Uruz

phoenix 2As I consult the runes for wisdom this day, I hear Uruz inviting me to descend into darkness. This is not the dark night of the soul as in times past. I am called into the Womb of the Divine Mother. In this space, I am restored before the moment of rebirth.

I can rest here for a while as I wait on the will of heaven.

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What’s Yours Will Come To You

I wrote this 2 years ago today and the information is incredibly timely to what I am experiencing in my life right now. It popped up in my Facebook memories. Even social media can be guidance from my Soul.

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I’ve wondered why the energy in my life has felt a bit stagnate lately.  Sometimes it helps to get out of my head and ask for help.  Today I asked the Runes for clarification.   Runes are an ancient divination system first given to us by the Germanic people’s centuries ago.  Over the past 20 years the Runic system I have used is based on the work of Ralph Blum.  When I asked the Runes today what message they had for me and for you I received Ehwaz reversed.  It looks like this.


Ralph Blum says this about this rune in reverse:  Movement that appears to block.  Be certain that what you are doing – or not doing – is timely.  There are no missed opportunities.  You have simply to recognize that not all possibilities are open to you, that not all opportunities are appropriate.  The opportunity at hand may…

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