Falling In Love Again

Della's Meditatin MatSince my boyfriend and I broke up a year ago my self-esteem has been in the crapper.  Unconsciously I had decided my worth was based on whether or not he loved me.  Yes, I know this doesn’t make much sense and many people wiser than myself would tell me not to think this way.  Yet, I believe this is a very human condition.  We eartlhy creatures are constantly looking to others to tell us we are o.k.

This past week I went back for a visit to the city where he and I spent so much of our time together.  Every where I went I could feel him in the memories that we shared.  I realized that it wasn’t him that I was missing but the feeling of being in love.  When I was in love with him I felt beautiful, sexy and wanted.  I think that is the reason that it was so hard to let the relationship go.  I simply didn’t want to give up those powerful feelings.

During my stay in the Cities my friend Elizabeth Fritz, who is a Soul Art Facilitator, brought me through a process that helped me find myself again.  The journey we took that day with art and meditation made me realize that the most important relationship I have is the one to myself.

The image that you see above is part of the painting that I made during the Soul Art process.  The eye is my eye,  looking at me with the eyes of love.  It is a reminder that it’s time to fall in love with me again.   And, that my worth can not be determined by someone else’s actions or opinions of me.

Mat from behind 2This painting is actually a meditation mat.  I use it every day during my yoga and meditation practice.  It reminds me that I am my own beloved.  In the image below you can see that there is a crown in the upper left hand corner.  That is so I remember that I am a noble woman and to carry myself as such.  My name Della means noble.

The image on the right represents all the many spiritual paths I have been on that have always led me back to center.

My take away from this journey is that the greatest gift to Self is Self Love.  And, the surest way to lose my way, is by expecting another to validate me.  I am on the road to falling in love again. . . and its with me.

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Is Your Inner Child In Charge of Your Relationship?

babycryingMine sure has been.  She has picked every single man I have dated in the past 25 years.  Now these have not been bad men.  They have all been beautiful.  My inner child can see an awesome playmate a mile away.  She is drawn to innocence, gentleness, humor and fun.  Every one of these relationships was incredible in their own way.  That is, until my adult showed up.  That is usually the point where the relationship would dissolve and the tantrums (mine) would begin.

While talking to a friend, I was sharing my struggles with letting go of my last  boyfriend.  We had recently broke up and I couldn’t seem to let him go.  My friend playfully pointed out that I was acting like a brat.  He said this with love but what I heard was that I was acting like a child.  He said you want this man and only him and it can’t be any other way.  And it was absolutely true.  He reminded me of what my adult wanted, a helpmate.  My inner child was willing to compromise what the grownup me wanted to get back together with this man.  The internal struggle would always look something like this.

“But I love him so much!”

“Yes, but he’s not for you.”

“But I know he loves me.”

“He’s not available,” says my adult self.  “You want someone who will return your calls, tell you he loves you first, build a life together, step up to the plate. . .”

“But, but, but . . . ”

Through the help of this friend I was able to see how my inner child has been in charge of my romantic relationships and keeping me in pain.

Parenting Your Inner Child

Once I became aware of my pattern of behavior I imagined myself holding my inner 2-year-old in my arms.  I told her that she had to let this man go.  I told her I understood how much she wanted and liked this person but he was not the right man for us now.  I told her I wanted her help in the future because I wasn’t always able to see like she could see.  I told her, with her help, the adult me would decide how to proceed with any future romance.  As I imagined holding my inner child I cried like I hadn’t cried before.  I cried like a parent whose child is hurting and you’re hurting because they are.  I cried cleansing tears.  I cried tears of love and acceptance that things were exactly as they were meant to be.

This was my first real step in moving forward.  It took awhile to get there.  Acknowledging my inner child was the key.

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Finding Love The Old Fashioned Way

This post showed up in my Facebook memories today. I wrote this 1 year ago about how I met my boyfriend. It made me cry as this relationship is now over. I am grateful that I had such a beautiful experience yet I keep painfully struggling with the loss of this love.

I know that true love can never be lost. That the grief I am feeling isn’t from the loss of love but from the loss of Self. The pain is from the story I keep writing about this breakup. This story includes, abandonment, rejection, unavailability, and obsession. This story was written long before I even met this man. Every day I am looking at my pain and seeing my story. Every day I have to choose love time and time again. Love of him, love of the experience but mostly love of Self. The gift here is that I am seeing patterns that have long been part of all of my relationships with men and even some women. This has been hard. I know I have the courage to see it through even on the days where I seem to fail myself. I no longer want to take this story into any future relationships. My true love is me.

Della McGee


I met him in a coffee shop last summer.  I wasn’t looking for romance.  I was looking for free internet.  I asked to sit down beside him because the spot was in the sun.  The fact that he was male didn’t even register.   He said yes I could sit and didn’t he see me at the library yesterday?  Yes, that’s right.  I did see you at the library.  I didn’t tell him that I thought he was a bit stalkerish when I saw him there because of the way he kept staring at me.  I had ignored him at the library.

We chatted for an hour in the coffee shop.  As I got up to leave I handed him my business card.  I asked him to go to my website and if what I did for a living didn’t scare him off he should give me a call.  He called…

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This Too Shall Pass


I first heard this phrase over 25 years ago in an A.A. meeting.  Since then I have used it many times to remind myself that everything that I may be troubled by is only temporary.

I recently experienced a couple of very dark days.  So dark I had a hard time getting out of bed.  So dark I imagined leaving this world all together.  What kept me going was the knowing that this too shall pass.  I’ve had many opportunities over the years to know that this is true.  Each dark night I’ve traveled through has always lead to a sunrise.

I know enough now to sit back and observe my thoughts instead of taking action on them.  Thoughts are information and my thoughts this time around where showing me how my beliefs about myself were taking root and causing pain.  My external circumstances where reminding me that I was placing my value in my work, my finances, my relationships and my looks.  When these things appeared to fail at the same time I knew that opportunity disguised as pain was afoot.

This doesn’t mean that I wasn’t terrified, hurting, confused and angry.  What it does mean is that I was able to see my thoughts as a movie.  I was emotionally involved in the movie but I knew it was just a movie and that it would eventually come to its conclusion.  Why did I stay in the theater for the whole show?  Because I knew if I didn’t I could miss something important and I would have to come back and see it again.

What I came away with once the sun began to shine again is this:  I decide my value, not my job, my relationships, my looks or how much money I have or don’t.  I am valuable because I exist.  That’s it.  There is no other reason than that.  I am glad I exist.  I am glad you do to.

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What Are You Worth?

5d6d05dc3f67c6bfb6931b5b9b644d3aI’ve thought a lot about this lately as I’ve stepped off the scale and begun to see my self with more compassion.  I’m not exactly sure where I learned that my worth is what I weigh, how much I carry out in a day or how much money I have or don’t have in my bank account.  I know that some of these messages I learned in childhood and others constantly bombard us on billboards, magazines, television, etc.

I’ve turned my focus these days to what I have instead of what I don’t.  In thinking about wealth I realize I am abundant in relationships, freedom, time, creativity, health & wellness, etc.  I don’t always recognize these things because my focus is often on money being the descriptor of abundance.  Being self-employed and being a follower of the law of attraction is often tricky at times.  The law of attraction teaches that what you focus on you create.  It is easy to see what I am not creating in my life and then thinking there is something wrong with me or, that I’m not”doing it” right, or that I’m not being spiritual enough.  I call bullsh@#t on that!

Today I am deciding that I have enough.  I do enough.  I am enough.  And, that is enough.

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I Am NOT The Number On The Scale

weight-this-is-not-your-worthIt happened again.  I plunged myself deep into the cycle of not feeling good in my own skin.  I had not stepped on a scale since some time in February and I was feeling really fit and strong and beautiful.  A couple of weeks ago as I was visiting my mother in the nursing home she resides in I stepped on a scale that is outside of her room.  The number on the scale said I weighed more than I have since I was pregnant with my son 22 years ago.

I went from feeling fabulous in my body to feeling fat and bloated and unattractive.  It had been several weeks and I couldn’t seem to pull myself out of the negative self talk.  I know this is not who I am nor who I want to be but I couldn’t seem to shift this negativity.  While talking to my friend Katelyn about this issue I expressed confusion about why I could feel so good about myself and then, just like that, not.  She helped me to see that stepping on the scale was my trigger.

We are socialized to believe that we are our weight.  A certain number on the scale determines whether we are 5 or 10 or 50 pounds away from being acceptable, attractive and worthy.

I made a decision:  I would not step on a scale again for the next 40 days.  Why 40 days?  It takes that long to break out of a cycle and create a new one.  I would also change my mind about how I felt about myself.  If I could feel good about myself before I stepped on the scale then I could feel good about myself by not stepping on the scale.  I just needed to decide too.

It’s been a couple of days into my 40 day commitment and I am finding a shift has already occurred.  If I see myself looking at my self negatively when I pass a mirror I tell myself:   Enough!  I’ve noticed this enough attitude spilling into other areas of my life as well. I’ve been aware of how body shaming leads to lack of finances shaming, or not doing enough in a day shaming, etc.

This enough statement stops the negative self talk in its tracks and reminds me that I am enough.  We’ll see how the rest of the 40 days goes.  Ultimately, my goal is to not step on a scale again.   Why would I do that to myself?

Della is a healer, a yogi, an experimental cook and an artist.  Please visit her website here.