Kisses That Taste Sweet Like Forgiveness

8848fe7c7611ad562d57b22ffc1f0692The other night I dreamed I yelled at my son.  He had left the stove on after he had cooked something and left me with the mess.  After yelling at him I hugged and kissed him.  He pulled away and said my kiss tasted like forgiveness.  I said I do forgive you.  He said no, my kiss, actually tasted sweet like forgiveness.

There is a profound message in this dream that my logical mind can’t wrap itself around.  Yet understanding pulses through my entire being.

I sense that is the point of the dream.  Forgiveness is not something that can be accomplished through the logical or intellectual mind.  Forgiveness comes from the heart and the soul and is felt deep in the body.

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What Is Service?

6992839-mood-flower-daisy-smileI’ve contemplated this lately. I had listened to some podcasts with Marianne Williamson and Seane Corn and it got me to thinking am I doing enough?  These two great ladies contribute much to the world.  The work I do is service oriented yet I get paid for it.  Does that count as service if I get paid for it?

Last night I dreamed I was called on to help a young woman relax before an important task she was called on to accomplish for humanity.  I walked up to her and the young man who was to assist her and introduced myself.  I said my name is Della and I will be your servant for the rest of the evening.  I was stating that I would be of service to them for the time being.  It was my choice and gift to them both.  I proceeded to feed the young woman with my hands and then I gave her a foot rub.  I awoke from the dream knowing the answer to my questions around the meaning of service.

Service can be as large as being an activist for women’s rights or as easy as a smile to the homeless man on the street.  I was getting caught up in thinking that service work had to be big.  Service is how we show up in our daily life.  It can include volunteering for a cause that you or passionate about but doesn’t need to be only that.  When I smile at the homeless man on the street and I acknowledge his humanness I am in service.  When I post something life affirming on social media I am being in service.  When I listen to a friend in need I am being in service.  When I pick up the trash in the park that someone before me dropped I am being of service.  When I am at peace I am being of service to the world.

How are you already being of service in your daily life?

Della is a yoga teacher and healer you can find out more about her classes and services here.