No Yoga Mat Required

639030218b5e57555445da323b07c18cOn the rare morning that I don’t do yoga it’s because my whole being is called to the tub.  I nice hot bath, for me, is another form of meditation.  The warm water surrounds me and I feel encased as if in the womb.

I use to feel guilty when the tub’s call was louder than my yoga mat.  It wasn’t until recently that I recognized the value of the deep silence that soaking in the bath brings.  This silence is what I seek to attain through my more formal meditation practice.

I believe that whatever or where ever you can find the silence thats meditation.  Whether that be a walk in the woods, a hammock by the sea or a nice warm bath.  No yoga mat required.

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Following The Silence

4-730_Silence_hdI am a doer and a planner.  Lately my guidance has me stepping out of my comfort zone and into intuitive living.  As a psychic you would think this comes easily but it doesn’t always.

I like the feeling of accomplishing tasks.  Getting things done.  This silence that I’m experiencing is empty.  Empty in the way of not feeling the mental push that I usually sense prodding me along.

So, I’m exploring this silence.  Sitting on the couch reading, resting, writing.  I feel anxious.  How are things going to get done?  So much of my self-worth has been determined by what I can carry out in a day.  Old messages from long ago tell me to keep moving.  You haven’t done enough yet.  You haven’t earned your rest.

I am following the silence even through the fear.  I want to see where it brings me. . .

“True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.”~William Penn~

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