K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Soul

tumblr_me207r1Pdn1qmm3xxo1_500I once had a friend tell me that I was addicted to transformation.  That was many years ago yet that statement has never left me.  What he meant by those words is that I am so often moving on to the next issue that needs healed, processing some emotional angst or reading the next self-help book on the market that I am rarely being in the moment and integrating what I’ve already learned.

I have a stack of books on my table that I want to read yet I can’t seem to crack them open.  I am over saturated with tools and techniques that will help me heal my finances, my self-esteem, my diet, etc.  To be honest I can’t seem to absorb on more tool, one more affirmation, one more suggestion on how to change my life.

It is becoming clear to me that what my friend said is still true.  In keeping myself busy with transforming I never accept that I am already whole and complete.  I never get to fully integrate the healing that has already occurred.  I haven’t celebrated who I have become because of all the work I am still doing.

My Guidance has been gently slowing me down and encouraging me to keep things simple.  What does that mean?  Be in the now.  As I was washing my dishes this morning I noticed I was holding my breath.  When I hold my breath I am either thinking about the past or the future.  I am not living in the now.

For me, keeping it simple means to breathe and be in the present moment.  That is more than enough. . .

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Keeping It Simple


photo credit:  della mcgee

I’ve spent a lot of alone time these past few days, reading, writing and going for walks.  Wondering where I go from here as my beliefs about everything shifts from one day to the next.  What I’ve decided is that simplicity is where it’s at.  When I keep things simple I’m free.  That’s the hard part for me though.  I have a habit of complicating the simplest of things.  My mind can spin a tale like nobody’s business.  This has become a practice for me each day.  Keeping it simple.  When I can do that my life becomes more fluid.  When I don’t, I tend to crash.  Like, literally.  I become exhausted.  My mind can be a battle field of having to figure things out.  My whole body rebels and I have to nap.  I’ve started to use my body as a barometer.  When I’m fatigued I ask myself what I’m fighting, or in fear of, or trying to figure out.  For me, figuring things out is a sign of fear.  I’m not allowing Flow to guide me.  The need for control is a safety mechanism I have used in the past that no longer serves me.

It’s time to breathe and be . . . as simple as that.